Happier Than Ever: The Concert Review

by Emily Smith

This concert, oh my gosh was AMAZING! I still haven’t fully recovered from the concert. You know in the film ‘Inside Out’ where they talk about ‘core memories’ well this was one of mine. The album was my favourite album when it came out and still is. Billlie Eilish is one of my favourite artists so when an opportunity came to watch her perform live I wasn’t going to say no.

For a long time, ever since the album came out I was obessed with the song ‘Happier than Ever’ and I said to myself ‘Emily, one day you will get the opportunity to sing this live’ and that moment came. This was the person I have wanted to see in concert probably since 2019 and I loved the show so much.

Billie is one of those people that I didn’t think would be doing all the political stuff but she had an ‘Eco Village’ where you could pledge to go Vegan for 30 days or even win a signed ukulele all through the company Reverb. This was my first time seeing something like this being done at a show which is good to see. There was also an oppportunity to refill your drinks. We would have done that but we couldn’t find it. You would be happy to know that I spent 40 pounds on a t-shirt. I learnt my lesson from last time and I wasn’t going to spend 90 pounds on a hoodie.

I think from now on after a show, I am going to go on spotify and listen to the opening act’s songs because let me tell you Jessie Reynez was brilliant. I had never heard of her before but I had a sneaky suspicion I would love her because if she was opening for Billie I knew her music would be similar. She had such good vibes. It was like we were all at a party with her. She reacted so well to the crowd hassling her. If someone was yelling at me, I would have reacted a bit worse than she did. Again, I don’t know why some people hassle an artist it’s not like it’s going to get you anything. She sang a song which I now long all about fake people.

Me waiting fo the show to start in Manchester, UK.

When Billie arrived on stage, it wasn’t like anything I had imagined. I had seen the entrance she did on my for you page on TikTok and just witnessing her singing live was pretty damn good. Everything was just perfect. The set list..amazing, the projection…top tier good etc. She was so engaging with the crowd, she always checked up on the audience which is something I had never seen an artist do before. You could see from the audience how much love she had for absoloutely everyone. I feel like from now on, that every time I want to cry I am just going to think back to the time that Billie Eilish told me to get rid of all the negative thoughts in my head.

She even went around on a lift and sung a song on it which made it feel so personal for everyone on the higher tier of the arena because we could see her better. So, I don’t know if I can say this but she played a BRAND NEW SONG! Let me say that again, SHE AND FINNEAS PLAYED A BRAND NEW SONG NEVER HEARD BEFORE and it felt like I was watching history be made.

I ended up using all my storage on my phone from the amount of videos I took – maybe some were of me crying but I will let you decide on that one. She performed a lot of old songs such as “Bad Guy”, “Bury a Friend” as well as new songs from the album like “Therefore I am”.

My favourite part of the concert was her singing “Happier Than Ever” and just seeing the amount of energy she brought to the stage. I loved seeing her parade on the catwalk with a pride flag someone had thrown on stage.

I could go on and on talking about this but I had such an amazing experience in the arena watching the show and would highly recommend anyone to watch the show; this is something you don’t want to miss.

Just let me give you one tip if I can…Don’t walk the streets with your friend when it’s dark outside because people can be very creepy ; need I say more. That experince made my night a bit bad but I can’t let it ruin that memory.

Overall, I would give the concert a 10/10 stars even though I am being pretty biased with it, it was just soooooo good.

I can’t wait to go and see Noah Cyrus in August and talk about it to you.

Stream Happier Than Ever on Spotify.


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