NEW! Summer Opportunities in the Music Biz

words by Casey

Summer is a great opportunity to pick up a new hobby, make some extra money, or dedicate some time to making new connections. And for that reason, we made a list of both virtual and in person events you can use to gain new industry experience.

volunteers cleaning up after Firefly Music Festival | image via delaware online

First up… Festivals

Local festivals are always looking for volunteers. You may be working the merchandise table, checking wristbands, or helping keep the area clean for everyone. Larger festivals such as Wonderbus, Firefly, and Bonnaroo will require volunteers to work a certain number of hours in exchange for free admission to one of the festival dates. There are a ton of smaller companies that partner with festival teams as well. Check some of the sites close to you and get involved!


HeadCount is a volunteer organization that encourages people to register to vote. They use the power of music and community to get people interested in becoming involved in democracy. Volunteers can help individuals register to vote right there at an event. They’ve partnered with Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, and companies like Lollapalooza and RuPual’s DragCon. There is truly no limitation to the type of event you may be working at.


FestiVOL – Fan 2 Staff

FestiVOL is a program that allows fans to exchange work and volunteer hours for different festival perks, including free/discounted tickets, free camping, merchandise, and more. Previously known as the Work Exchange Team, FestiVOL uses a data base to connect fans and various festivals locally. You can access the site here, search for your state and city and volunteer at any event being hosted!

If you’re not located in a big city, don’t worry! There are plenty of virtual panels, events, and parties you can attend from the comfort of your bedroom.

Learn From Home

Camp Rock ‘n Rollout hosted by Gen Admission

If you are at all interested in the music industry from a business perspective, this is the program for you. “Campers” will participate in two weeks of informational classes, network with others, and go to various events. There’s even a competition and a prize for the winner! Check it out. Applications are open now until June 15th, so don’t wait to apply.

Additionally, you can get involved in artist’s street teams, take up concert photography, start your own blog, make industry tiktoks, or start taking classes on music production. Don’t let having little experience discourage you from taking the leap. Stay tuned to our social media profiles and LinkedIn as we are always reposting new opportunities.


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