Concert Experience: WOOSUNG’s Moth EP Showcase



House of Blues in Dallas, TX

May 31, 2022

WOOSUNG from the Korean group, The Rose, packed the House of Blues in Dallas on May 31st. 

While waiting in the heat, Black Rose (the name given to the fans of The Rose) were handing out freebies to concertgoers, a sentiment that makes so many fans happy! With VIP wristbands on, we were guided into the air-conditioned venue that quickly filled up with fans. 

The crowd’s excitement grew as the time for WOOSUNG to hit the stage approached, The Rose’s music filled the venue, and fans sang along – how epic to open your own concert with your group’s music?

WOOSUNG hit the stage with “FACE” which immediately caused cheers and screams, after the initial excitement of WOOSUNG finally going on stage, the crowd sang along with him, voices carrying in the small venue. 

Dancing on the stage with lights flashing, WOOSUNG continued onto “Dimples” and Lazy” from his 2021 album Genre. The crowd was elated when he sang some of The Rose songs, including the high-energy “Red,” where he jumped across the stage along with the fans, and the slower piece “I.L.Y.” (my favorite song from The Rose!) 

WOOSUNG even did a crowd favorite, a piece that he was initially embarrassed by because it was the first song he ever wrote, but one that the fanbase loves. WOOSUNG performed “Beautiful Girl,” a song he added to the setlist after a few shows due to the fan’s reaction of it being left out. It was an incredible moment to hear the audience sing: “Hello, yeah my name is Sam and I like some ham / Girls call me Bam, when they see me they go damn.” It was a highlight of the night for me!

The second half of WOOSUNG’S show was all about his new EP Moth, going into the backstory of the EP’s title and engaging with fans. Moth consists of four songs: “ComE dOWn,” “Side Effects,” “Phase Me,” and “Modern Life” (my favorite from the album). With energy-charged performances of his Moth EP, WOOSUNG finished the show – the cheers of the crowd resounding in the space. 

I was lucky enough to snag a VIP package for WOOSUNG’s Showcase, so afterwards all VIP holders were able to do a Q&A with WOOSUNG – questions ranging from who his favorite R&B artist is (Ne-Yo) and if cereal is a soup (a solid no). After a range of questions, we were sent back out to form a line for our VIP photo with him. 

The process was a quick one, which is the only downside I had with the VIP experience. There was hardly time to say anything to him but a quick wave before we sat to do our photo and then a quick wave goodbye. Although my friend did ask when he’ll perform in Austin and his answer was “When I’m with The Rose.” However, it’s completely understandable that the process was so quick as I’m sure WOOSUNG and his staff were tired from their long day of hard work to pull off this showcase for the fans.

WOOSUNG’s Moth Showcase was a show I’ll never forget. His vocals are beautiful, and something I’ll never be able to use words to describe. I’ll definitely be eagerly awaiting The Rose’s comeback (soon!!) album and tour. 

Stream WOOSUNG on Spotify or Apple Music.

Stream The Rose on Spotify or Apple Music.

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