3 Apps to Download in the New Year

words by vyoma

Apps. They can be useful tools that enable us to do specific tasks with the tap of a finger, or ignore clutter that is rarely used and takes up storage space on our phones. Most of us definitely don’t want to waste our phone storage with random apps, which is why I am here to offer four apps that are worth trying out if you aspire to work in the music industry or related entertainment areas. Bonus points if you’re a college student, because learning how to utilize these apps to your advantage. And if they don’t fit your vibe, that’s cool too since we all may look for specific features or wants in an app.


The first app I want to present is Quadio. The idea emerged around 2018 by Joe Welch and Marcus Welch. They wanted to create a platform where emerging artists of the upcoming generation can connect with the community and collaborate. With the help of their colleague Miranda Martell, they brought their vision to life. Quadio also has a label for independent artists called Quadio Records.

The design of this app is *chefs kiss*. It is not only unique and pleasing to the eye, but it’s easy to use. Upon signing up, users select certain descriptions that fit them, including their university, and areas of interest such as singer-songwriter, vocalist, producer, vocalist, film and media, fashion, and the list goes on. After this, the user has an option to build their profile by adding a description, necessary links, and the most important part, their zodiac sign! After this, users will be suggested to follow folks with similar profiles. Of course, a good networking app isn’t complete without users having the ability to promote themselves. Users can post original work in whatever medium it may be, and it’s highly likely the post will gain traction.

What makes Quadio stand out is that the networking works. It’s a platform catered towards a demographic of people (college-aged people aspiring to enter the music and/or entertainment industry) that is actively looking for connections. I was also surprised to find someone from Quadio messaged me just to ask if I had any questions, and offered to chat in the future if anything came up. Quadio also offers a variety of workshops, events, and clubs. From short networking mixers to songwriting camps that last several weeks, there is plenty of opportunity to connect with others.

Spotify Greenroom

The second app I’d like to recommend is Spotify Greenroom. Audio-based social media platforms have been popular especially after Clubhouse skyrocketed in 2021. According to Spotify, Spotify Greenroom is a place for artists, athletes, and others in the entertainment industry to host or engage in live discussions on a plethora of topics.

As long as one has a smartphone, they can install the app. There is no need to have Spotify premium or a Spotify account at all, making the app very accessible. Once a user signs up, they can select groups they are interested in. These groups are categories such as MusicDiscovery, MusicForEveryone, ContentCreators, and more. Users can follow other profiles that they find interesting. The top of the home screen will show a schedule of upcoming Rooms. Anyone can host or start a Room, invite others to join, and select which groups to go live in, and listeners can pop in and out as they please.

The best way to take advantage of the app is to browse profiles and see which ones cater to your interests. The app is not as niche compared to Quadio, but also not as broad as Clubhouse, so a little bit of scouting should do the trick. It’s a great way to hear from experienced professionals right from the comfort of your own space, making for efficient learning.


The final app I’d like to discuss is Discord. Hear me out, over the past couple years, Discord’s ambiance has changed completely. Jason Citron is credited for creating the concept of an online social space for video gaming, and the app has a long history until it finally launched in 2015. Today, many different organizations, groups, and even companies utilize Discord.

Discord can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but the laid-back community feel of this app is what makes it charming. In comparison to apps with a similar interface such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Monday.com, most would agree that Discord, while maintaining a degree of professionality, is a friendlier, less-corporate space. This isn’t to discredit those other platforms. However, when it comes to making connections without being too intimidated, Discord is the way to go. Discord has many niche features, but the best thing has got to be how channels are utilized. It’s like being in a giant building with many rooms and having the ability to intermingle wherever possible.

There are many Discord servers for those in the music industry, from networking servers like Music Industry Connections, to multi-purpose servers catered towards women and people-of-color like Femme House, to servers created by specific musical artists and their teams. If you’re a college student, it’s likely your university has discord servers for anything from academic to memes – so it’s very possible there is also one for music enthusiasts! Joining discord servers can be a great place to meet like minded people, learn about opportunities, get new ideas, engage in productive banter, and actively be a part of the community at large. 


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