Camping for Concerts: A FWT Survival Guide

Words by Emilie Corbo

Some people prefer seated concerts, some prefer general admission concerts. Either choice is justifiable and has its own unique set of perks. For me, the answer is always general admission. There’s something about the energy of being in the crowd and having the opportunity to get as close as you want based on the time that you line up at.

Photo by MART PRODUCTION onPhoto by Nate Isaac on Unsplash

That being said, lining up concerts can be the best experience, or it can be the worst. The bottom line is that you need to be prepared. In this Fangirls World Tour article, we are going to provide you with our survival guide for camping all day for a concert.

1. Pick an outfit that is weather appropriate for the show

You know that if you want to get close to the stage, it can be a long process of waiting in line in varying weather conditions. The first step is to pick an outfit that is weather appropriate for the show. If you are planning to line up for 15 hours, you want to be prepared for any weather circumstances. The first step you can take is to check the weather ahead of time. If you see that the weather is going to be cold, wear a jacket. If it is going to rain, wear a rain jacket, if it is going to be hot and sunny, wear a hat and bring sunscreen. This will allow you to be more comfortable during the waiting period. Ideally, to avoid paying for coat check and stopping to check your coat while others enter the venue, try to find someone who can pick up your belongings right before you enter the venue.

2. Bring a fully powered portable charger

The second tip on our survival guide is to always bring a fully powered portable charger. While you are waiting in line, you might get bored and want to use your phone… But there is nothing worse than starting a concert without enough battery to take videos for memory’s sake. You also want to have enough battery on your phone to ensure that you can get home safe since concerts typically happen late at night, and potentially far away from home. If you happen to be using your phone while in line, make sure you use some of that time to clear your storage if you want to take videos. If you don’t have access to a portable charger and can’t buy one, then try to shut down your phone while you are in line and get your entertainment socially.

3. Bring or make friends!

That brings us to point number three. Go to the show with friends so that they can keep you company in line. If you don’t have any friends to bring to the show, that’s okay! Try to make friends with the people in line around you for the concert. It is important to have buddies in line so that they can hold your spot when you take a bathroom trip, or when you need to go purchase food or drink.

4. Remain hydrated

This brings us to our final point, and potentially the most important point. Remain hydrated while in line. Drink lots of water. It is so important that you remain hydrated while in line because you might not have access to water at the show if you are stuck in the pit. By drinking lots of water before the show, you can go into the show hydrated and avoid any potential dehydration or lightheadedness. 

So there you have it; a complete list for surviving your concert, camping experience. Remember that safety comes first, and to always take care of each other.


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