Concert Archives Breakdown: A Diary for Concert Lovers

Gone are the days of opening your notes app to keep track of all your concerts because there’s an app for that now. Concert Archives is a diary for concert lovers. This is the perfect place to keep track of all the concerts you’ve attended as well as store any of your favorite photos, videos, or memories from that night. 

The app is pretty straightforward once you’ve downloaded it and signed up. You can create your profile and start adding concerts to your list. I started with a concert dating all the way back to 2011, and was surprised when it popped up! However, some concerts may not show up, or they may be missing details (perhaps, the opening act or venue). If this is the case, you can create your own concert listing and fill in all the necessary information – they couldn’t have made it any easier to do! 

Once you’ve input your concerts, the app divvies all your information into categories like the number of concerts you’ve attended, bands you’ve seen, venues you’ve visited, and locations. There are also categories showing your top bands, venues, locations, and years. 

The app has other features that allow you to favorite concerts and keep track of upcoming ones you may have. My favorite feature is the bucket list – every concert-goer has a concert bucket list! Create your bucket list item and wait for the day it comes true to check it off the list. 

Invite your friends to join the app, follow them, and watch as they fill your news feed with the incredible concerts they’re attending! This is the perfect place to keep those concert memories!

Download Concert Archives from Apple’s App Store here.

Download Concert Archives from Google Play here.


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