How ‘Everything To Everyone’ is the EP we need at this current time?

I never thought Renee would ever write an album, yet alone an EP. Everything To Everyone is Rapp’s first EP in the music industry after signing with Interscope Records. I hope after the success of this that she releases an album or eventually goes on tour – world domination. I first heard of Renee when she was just starting out on broadway in Mean Girls and from the bootlegs and videos of her that I was watching because I was in awe of her talent. This EP connects with some many people in different ways. I love it so much.

The first song is Everything To Everyone” and describes the feeling of someone trying to be there for everyone. Even though the song is really short as it’s an intro to the EP as a listener you already get the message of the album that this is someone’s way of letting go of what’s holding them back. The distortion on the voice adds another layer to the song because it would just be another ballad if it wasn’t for this. It sets the tone that we are going to be on this emotional rollercoaster that has 7 ‘stops’ as we get to look behind the curtain into her life.

The next song featured on the EP is “In The Kitchen” as she reminicies about a past relationship with someone she thought she would spend the rest of her life with. It’s an emotional ballad that has a piano to accompiny her raw vocals.

She’s trying to hold onto this relationship because it’s the only thing she knows and as soon as she comes to terms with it – that’s when it starts to get real. If I could have a top two from the album this would be one of them because I love how honest she is in this song. The song ends with the the line ‘Cause I used to love you, but now you’re dead to me’ before finishing with the line ‘Strangers to lovers to enemies’ paints the image of how bad a breakup can be for someone. With the line ‘Now your dead to me’ can mean anything to everyone but for me I see it from the perspective from a toxic friend.

Colorado” departs from a ballad sound to be more of an upbeat take on a pop. I feel like we all get to a point where we think our life would be so much better if we lived in another country which to Rapp is Colorado. Rapp explained to Variety “that growing up, her family would embark on annual ski vacations to the state, but it also happens to be the place that she first truly fell in love with music — via Frank Ocean’s “Nostalgia, Ultra” mixtape.” I take it back, all the songs in this album are my favourites.

Track 4 is “Don’t Tell My Mom” and let me tell you, this song is an emotional rollercoaster for myself. This song is written from two perspectives, her mom and herself. You can just imagine the conversation happening in real time. On the track, Reneé masterfully turns pain into beauty as she touches on familial relationships — namely the emotions a daughter hides from her mother. The intimate track is yet another showcase of the pure talent that Reneé possesses both in her vocal range and her ability to connect with listeners through her vulnerability.

On Don’t Tell My Mom“, Rapp opens up about not wanting to communicate with her family when things are spinning out of control. “When I was young, my problems were problems,” she sings over sophisticated mid-tempo production. “Now I don’t wanna cause trouble at all. The multi-hyphenate pulls the vocal trigger on the soaring chorus: “So don’t tell my mom, I’m falling apart / she hurts when I hurt, my scars are her scars.”  I think it’s relatable since probably everyone has felt like this at some point in their lives. Therefore, it’s really touching and might help some people to try to find a solution without feeling like they are hurting somebody important to them. Even if the situation seems and feels hopeless. And maybe, finally, they’ll heal, at least as much as possible.

The next track on the EP is “What Can I Do” is another ballad that showcases her vocal abilities. The song is written from the perspective of a girl liking her friend who has a boyfriend. I love how the song opens with a melody from a piano that’s heared in the background.She knows if she says anything it would ruin whatever they have or lead to something more. The song comes from a place of self discovery of someone whose finding it hard to express her feelings that she likes another girl. She’s scared of change.

The whole EP just shows that she’s not scared to be honest about what she’s been going through in her life and this song is a perfect example of that. She can be such a good role model to young queer kids who are finding it hard to be honest with themselves. There’s people out there who will love you for you.

Too Well” is a departure from the last two songs and returns back to the pop genre. It tells the story of a break up and trying to move on from it. It starts with a little chime from a children’s dancing box (I don’t know what you call that). The song paints the image that her ex is happy now with someone else when she is still struggling. Even hearing his name triggers her. The song is very upbeat but lyrically honest about her mental health and how she sometimes “can’t stop overthinking.” She went in to say in Rolling Stones that “Not that I would ever wish someone to be sad, but if you’re going to listen to my music, you’re either queer, sad, or both,” she says, describing the record as a “bittersweet hug.”

Moon” is the last song to conclude the EP. Again, it’s another emotional ballad that puts emphaisis on her vocal abilities. She writes from the perspective of how the breakup effected her. We get the impression that this relationship was a big part of her life because this is another song on the album that hints at her past relationship with an broadway actor. I think all she wants is peace and to heal from the relationship. Even though it has a very sad meaning behind it, the little note on moon just I don’t know why makes the song be a bit happy I don’t know why I think that as well.

This EP is brilliant and showcases Rapp’s vocal ability so well and I can’t wait to see what she does next. I hope she releases an album and ends up touring in the UK and Europe *I’m manifesting this right now* because I know everyone will be screaming these lyrics at the top of their lungs. I know she’s touring in the USA which I will happily admit that I am jealous about so please can everyone post videos of her performances please (you didn’t hear that from me).

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