Harry’s House Deep Dive

Harry’s House is Harry Styles’s third studio album. This album was released on May 20, 2022. It is currently second on the US I-Tunes chart!

Let’s take a deep dive into each song and what I think they all mean. The first song on the album is titled ‘Music For a Sushi Restaurant.’ This song is incredibly upbeat including some scatting and a horns section. To me, this song reminds me of sunshine and hanging out with friends. The lines that stood out to me the most were “ Music for whatever you want” and “ You know I love you, babe”. These stood out because of the fact that they are implying the fact that Harry would do anything for the person he loves and that it makes him happy to do it.

The next song on the tracklist is ‘Late Night Talking.’ This song is also pretty upbeat. This song to me is Harry’s continued infatuation with the person he loves. He says in the pre-chorus that he just wants to make them happier. I also believe that this song is telling his thoughts after they see each other because he says in the chorus that he can’t get them off his mind.

The next song on the Harry’s House tracklist is ‘Grape juice.’ ‘Grape juice’ tells the story of losing the girl he’s obsessing over. The lines “There’s just no getting through without you” and “ the grape juice blues” are in the chorus and help to back the idea he has just lost the love of his life and is struggling to get over them as he drinks a bottle of wine. The wine is insinuated by the title “Grapejuice”.

The fourth song on the tracklist is ‘As It Was.’ This song is about people realizing that he has begun to spiral after losing someone. Harry himself has even said this song embodies one of the lowest points of his life. The lyrics “ what kind of pills are you on” give the idea that he is struggling with the loss and has turned to pills.

The next song on the tracklist is “ Daylight”. Daylight to me pushes the idea that he has begun talking to the girl again and is falling back in love all over again. The lyrics “ If I was a bluebird I would fly to ya” and “ dip you in honey so I could be stickin’ to you” both bring up the idea he wants to be by them at all times.

Next comes “ Little Freak”. After listening to this song and reading the lyrics I believe that this song is Harry thinking about the girl he loves not caring what happens to him or her because he is so infatuated with love. Then you bring in the line “ or who you will go home to”. This line shows he has yet again lost her and could bring in the idea Daylight is his fantasy of what he once had.

The seventh song on the tracklist is labeled “Matilda”. This song has many different meanings and just a scroll on TikTok will help you realize how different everyone’s ideas are. In the sense of the tracklist and looping all together Matilda shows how Harry really cares for the girl and doesn’t want her to blame herself for anything that has happened in her life. The lyrics “ you can let it go” and “ not invite your family because they never showed you love” help push this idea. Matilda to me means someone who was forgotten and left behind and got to watch everyone be happy. The same lyrics apply to my idea of Matilda because of the fact that many people feel as if they can’t escape from the life they are in and when they do they feel like they are burdening others.

The next song on the tracklist is “ Cinema”. Cinema is another upbeat song on Harry’s House. This song brings the idea that when they are alone together he watches her like a movie. He studies and watches whatever she does when she is alone together.

We then move to the song “Daydreaming”. This song goes back into Cinema and speaks about the way that he thinks about what happened between them the night before constantly. The lyrics” give me all of your love” and “ give me something to dream about” mean that he wants the girl to give him something to think about and remember all day and all night long.

We then move on to “ Keep Driving”. This song is about drowning out the outside world and just keeping moving with your loved one by your side. The title itself is a metaphor for just moving on. The song also talks about drugs, which means they are using them to forget about everything else going on and just focus on being together.

The next song is “ Satellite”. Satellite to me is a song about losing someone and just wanting more communication. The lyrics “ round and round satellite” show me that he has lost someone and is trying to get closer but it keeps going round and round and he never gets any closer. The music also shows this by the fact it almost seems as if he is getting more frustrated with it. It starts off light and airy before getting louder and more upbeat.

Then we move on to the second to last track “ Boyfriends”. Boyfriends start off with your back at it again in reverse and end with your back at it. This song is the move of someone outside of a relationship watching it drown and one of them getting stuck in it. “He starts secretly drinking” and “ are they just pretending” both show the idea that the man in the relationship is hiding things and may just be pretending to love her and will end up hurting her again. Going back to your back at it again being the beginning and the end shows that they are stuck in a loop.

We then move on to the final song of Harry’s House. The thirteenth title is called “ Love of My Life”. This song is about finally realizing the woman he has been obsessing over throughout this album truly was the love of his life. This is shown by the repeat of “ you were the love of my life” and “ don’t know what’s lost till you find it” which shows that he finally lost her and realized it slightly too late.

This is the end of the album and ties every song together nicely. I would definitely rate this album a 5/5 as every song truly ties together when you look at it from a deeper lens than just hearing it.


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