Coast to Coast to see Louis Tomlinson

words by Himi

In 2020, while the world was crashing down, I decided to buy myself concert tickets. As someone who rarely if ever went to concerts before the pandemic this was my way of manifesting a return to normalcy. Little did I know that it will take two full years before I will be able to attend these shows. The show in question is the Louis Tomlinson World Tour.

This is my experience of attending 5 LTWT shows, from the East Coast to the West Coast, and the feelings I experienced as I heard my favorite album live.

Louis Tomlinson takes in the crowd at The Anthem on February 10th!

The 30-year-old singer-songwriter took the stage at every show to the beats of “We Made It” and oh my what a beginning to an electric 1 and a half hours! If you are a One Direction fan, you also had the privilege to dance to Louis’s cover of “Drag Me Down”, followed by a serene feeling of realness and authenticity that can only be expressed through “Two of Us”. 

The shows drew in crowds like no other but with lyrics such as It’s a church of burnt romances, And I’m too far gone to pray, it was no surprise to see the outpouring of love felt by the lgbtq+ community as we raised our pride flag during “Only the Brave“. A journey of 6 years, Louis Tomlinson never felt to express his gratitude towards his fans and the appreciation for his fans’ undying love and support.

During each and every show that I attended, he said “ I need you and you need me” which goes to show how important it is to have such an honest relationship with your fans!

The Youtube Theater lit up during Beautiful War at the LTWT LA show!

Venues lit up in white lights during a cover of “Beautiful War” by Kings of Leon and Louis made sure fans knew how much he enjoyed that. Following the encore, we had a directioner’s favorite, “Through the Dark” that fans loved!

The shows wrapped up with one of his leading singles for his debut album Walls, a classic and rock-inspired “Kill My Mind”. The energy during this last song at every single venue was palpable and everyone could be seen dancing and singing along. When asked about the song pre-release of the album, Tomlinson always said KMM was him being his true authentic self, and if the live performance is anything to go by the fans were for sure on board!

It was an opportunity of a lifetime to get to attend not 1 but 5 shows during LTWT North American Leg and if asked, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! 

You can stream Walls and the rest of Tomlinson’s discography on all major streaming platforms.


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