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what is fangirls world tour?

Fangirls World Tour (or FWT) is a platform for women and gender-expansive people to learn and engage in the world of the music industry. The team behind FWT is completely made up of “fangirls” that want to share their own interests, educate others, and empower fans.

We encourage fans to be active in the industry! You are the backbone of the music industry!

We cover all types of music and pop culture on the zine as well as posting reviews, concert photography, and helpful resources for fans, students, and young industry professionals. You can follow us on socials @fangirlsworldtour on all platforms!

On our new podcast “Love Letters to Stan Culture” we talk about all things fan engagement and interview fans making a difference all thanks to fandom. Catch our monthly releases on Spotify or on Anchor.


pronounced ZEEN

typically printed in a similar way to pamphlets, zine’s are used to quickly get information across to people using images, texts, collage-type art.

“Zines present groups that have been dismissed with an opportunity to voice their opinion” – wikepedia

a fanzine is the self-published publication produced by fans of a particular subject, group, topic.

meet the team behind FWT

We all wear so many different hats behind the scenes of fangirls world tour that it’s hard to encapsulate that in a few words. but this is our attempt!


emily smith, jacqueline alvarez, katie stozicki, magdalena hauptmann, maritza barrientos, molly wilson, brooklyn beck, casey seagriff, macie kate

graphic designers

viktoria ngo, alexus vanderpool, molly wilson, micah simmons, courtney carlson, joslyn bowman

content creators

courtney carlson, bethany koscher, maggie howell, katie stozicki, laina carter, molly foster, ava milholland, vyoma oza, madison boynton, joslyn bowman

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