Waterparks Rises To The Top OF The Charts With Newest Album ‘Intellectual Property!’

Waterparks is back at it again with a hit album called ‘Intellectual Property.’ Being out for only a few weeks, it has already climbed the charts at rocket speed, holding it’s spot at #2. This album consists of the same Waterparks sound with a slight twist, keeping you on your toes. A magnificent playlist to add to any if not all your music streaming media!

Waterparks Ad for House Of Blues

Waterparks is a pop punk band that was formed in Houston, Texas back in 2011. The group currently consists of Awsten Knight (vocalist and rhythm guitarist), Geoff Wigington (lead guitarist), and Otto Wood (drummer ). They have multiple records released with hit singles such as ‘Stupid for You’ and a more recent one ‘Funeral Grey’ which is on the newly released album, ‘Intellectual Property.’

‘Inteculal Property’ is their first record release since two years ago. It is also the band’s first album with the label Fueled by Ramen! Fans have waited a long time for this and were not disappointed! Waterpark has done a wonderful job advertising this record, which I believe is why the ranking is so high, so quickly! They released this right before their new tour which is a genius marketing technique. This encourages fans to listen to and learn the songs. This creates an anticipated tension between fans and the music as they will want to witness hearing them live for the first time.

This album is a mixture of multiple genres consisting of hip-hop, electronic, pop, rock, and more! Some of the songs are on a more aggressive vibe while others are softer and laid back. It truly is an album for everybody that is mature of age!

The newest album cover (found on www.waterpark.com)

This album has a huge amount of titles however you may know some. Waterparks previously released ‘Funeral Gray’ and ‘F*** About It’ ft the one and only, Blackbear. These songs really pull the album together as they represent what the audience will get into when they listen to the full album. The full album hits topics such as a religious crisis, self-image issues and also highlights relationship issues. Some songs on this record merge together seamlessly as if the whole album is one big song or story. It truly is impressive.

I highly recommend this album to anyone who is interested in a wide variety of genres and topics. A mature audience is definitely recommended as some of the topics and language can be intense however overall there is no wondering why this is currently at the top of the charts!

Want to find yourself at one of their shows? Check out their tour date down below!

Stream ‘Inteculal Property’ NOW! Spotify | YouTube | Instagram

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