BEHIND THE MARKETING: Niall Horan’s Upcoming Album ‘The Show’

Niall Horan is set to release his third studio album titled ‘The Show’ on June 9th, 2023. Yes, you read that correctly. Fans have been anticipating this announcement for awhile as he has been talking about and teasing new music for months. The last time Niall released an album was March 13th, 2020 — which was literally right before the COVID-19 pandemic caused worldwide lockdown and basically any in-person event to be canceled. Non-essential businesses closed, and tours went with it.

Flash forward to present day in 2023, and Niall is gearing up to release another album — finally! Niall is coming back stronger than ever and doing everything in his power to ensure that his album launch is a success, while many fans suspect a tour announcement very soon.

Niall wasted no time in posting a teaser on his TikTok account for the lead single ‘Heaven’ from his upcoming album on January 21st. Since then, he has used trending sounds, teasers, and including his co-judges on The Voice in his TikToks in various ways to promote the release of his album and interact with fans. On January 20th, some super fans began posting on social platforms that they received a package of a square-shaped candle with clouds on it and it was in a box with lyrics from Niall’s new single on it. On February 8th, he posted a photo dump on his Instagram where one photo was a selfie of him with this candle which correlated to the one that was “melting down” on his promotional website as each day passed and got closer to the single release date. This website also included a link to pre-save his album which ultimately drives traffic to streaming apps/websites for his music to perform better, get more streams, and have his music be placed on curated playlists.

Since then, Niall has done an abundance of promo, along with more teasers on TikTok (sometimes from in his car), while also co-judging The Voice and building a strong team of amazing vocalists.

Album Release Timeline as of March 5th, 2023:

01/21/23: Niall teased and announced ‘Heaven’ as the lead single for his upcoming third studio album.

02/15/23: Niall reveals the name of his third album: ‘The Show.’

02/17/23: ‘Heaven’ is released across all streaming platforms.

04/13/23: Niall announces the title of his second single ‘Meltdown.’

04/28/23: ‘Meltdown’ is released across all streaming platforms.

06/09/23: ‘The Show’ will be released across all streaming platforms.

This was a great marketing strategy in my opinion because not only did his team recognize and involved dedicated fans, but also made it a fun experience with the website for fans that did not receive a candle in the mail. His lead single ‘Heaven’ debuted at #25 on the Global Spotify Charts and continues to grow. We cannot wait to see more and more from Niall as the album release date gets closer and closer!

For updates on future tours, new music, and access to official merch — be sure to visit Niall’s official website here.


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