PMX Brings Creative Diversity In The Music Industry With Hit Single, ‘Kissin in my Benz’

The all-girl group, PMX is a band that consists of four members based in Orlando, FL. PMX is a self-made experimental pop group that values self-expression as individuals and as a unit. The member, Cyren, formed the band in December 2020 when she found Channing, Andrea, and Lacy through auditions on social media! These girls are all uniquely different which creates a fun and diverse group! PMX is an independent band that is just getting started! With vlogs, covers, and now two new singles – ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ and ‘Kissin’ In My Benz’ – PMX has content that most, if not all, audiences can enjoy.

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PMX just released a new single called ‘Kissin in my Benz’, a soft laid back song that consists of an idea on how things can change so easily, but even then history can repeat itself. The moment you feel like everything is right, there’s a thought in the back of your head that tells you “Hey, this has happened before…STOP!” Even at that moment, you decided to press the gas and go, just to see if your mind was right.

‘Kissin in my Benz’ consists of a beautiful style of lyrics combined with perfect harmonies. Each member of PMX feeds off the other to create a wonderful blend. Slow beat and soft tones, ‘Kissin in my Benz’, throws you back in time!

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This single is the complete opposite of their previous one, ‘Don’t Let Me Go’, which was more modern and upbeat. However, neither one of these singles will disappoint!

These girls will surely be the next hit for this generation, and generations to come. With their friendship and chemistry, they will be a perfect role model for anyone who is trying to make it on their own or struggling to find self-love and life experiences.

PMX has big plans for official releases coming this year! They are regularly releasing demos and smaller projects on their YouTube channel; to stay up to date, follow their socials! (listed down below!)

Socials: YouTube | Instagram | Spotify


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