Hot People Listen To Rachel Bochner

Rachel Bochner came into the world of music when she released ‘Ocean Drive’ in 2019, but it wasn’t until her 2021 single ‘ghosted my therapist’ that her career took off. Rachel is known for her brutally honest lyrics and signature pop/alt sound. Since then she’s been signed to indie label Heartwritten Records, released more singles, played tons of live shows, and has an EP on the way!

If you aren’t familiar with Rachel Bochner… you’re about to be.

Photo Credit: Carina Allen

‘Sucker Punch’


Her single ‘Sucker Punch’ was the first look we got at the brand new EP It’s Not Me, It’s You. Not only is the song a complete vibe and hint at this new “era,” but the artwork also plays a part in the puzzle.

We now know that ‘Sucker Punch’ is only 1 quadrant of the bulletin board. We can’t help but wonder where the red strings lead or if we should be decoding her sticky notes.

If you haven’t streamed this song yet, we recommend doing so with your windows down and a car full of friends.

‘If I’m Gunna Be Sad’

On April 20th, 2023 she released her second single off her new EP, and fans have been raving about it. ‘If I’m Gunna Be Sad (I Might As Well Look Hot Doing It)’ is everything we love about Rachel including her distinct sound and relatable storytelling.

She describes the single as the ultimate breakup anthem. “We started off writing something that embodied more of an IDGAF attitude, but after a while, we realized it just didn’t feel super authentic. There was a moment when we were working on it when we realized, okay, maybe we do kind of give a f*ck… but if we’re going to be sad, we might as well look hot doing it.”

The song is fun, relatable, and incredibly moody and we can’t wait to see what her new EP is going to be all about. All we know is she’s going to dominate the charts.

Do you have any speculations about Rachel’s EP? Let us know in the comments or on social media @fangirlsworldtour. And make sure you stream ‘If I’m Gunna Be Sad (I Might As Well Look Hot Doing It).’


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