An Emotional Rollercoaster That Leads Into SayWeCanFly’s Newest Album ‘Beneath The Roses’

SayWeCanFly just released his brand new album ‘Beneath The Roses on March 24th. During release week, it got over half of a million streams. ‘Beneath The Roses’ is a pop/rock/alternative style album. It’s available now on all streaming platforms!

Who is SayWeCanFly? SayWeCanFly is a solo self-project created by the artist Braden Barrie. Braden is a Canadian singer and songwriter. He started creating and releasing music in 2009 and went on to release multiple albums.

Breaking down ‘Beneath The Roses’

‘Beneath The Roses’ is a brilliant, heartfelt album that talks about deeper topics. From love, to mental health, to the feeling of the end of the world, SayWeCanFly carefully wrote each word to describe how he has felt in the past and on the path leading up to this moment. ‘Beneath The Roses’ contains beautiful melodies and lyrics that most, if not all, audiences can relate to and enjoy.


This song, right away, had me intrigued. From talking about physical pain to emotional, SayWeCanFly explained how sometimes it’s hard to save yourself. Nothing or no one can help you. However in your loneliest times, sometimes that is better than being surrounded by people who you thought loved you, but you see something different when forced to face reality. Some people don’t understand the pain you’re going through and that’s okay. Some of the people you love the most are the worst for you. The world is an endless struggle of “Who really loves me?’ or ‘”Do I even love myself?” This was a great way to start off the album!

‘Bleeding Teeth’

This one is by far my favorite. From the medley to the word choice, this song was written so beautifully. It’s the type of song that you scream in the shower when you can’t go tell the one person you care about most just how much they mean to you. To make everything right again, you would give them everything. No matter what you’re going through, you’ll give everything to make sure your person feels loved and happy. You will change the worst parts of yourself just to make sure they stay. This one is so easy on the soul. So much emotion built up in every inch of this song. I highly recommend it!


‘October’ was a heartwrenching song. The topic hits home for many. That no matter how good someone is for you, you may not be good for them. You can try to fix yourself and change, but that won’t be enough. The wrong people will always leave no matter how hard you try. If you’re on the other side of the situation, keep in mind that you never know what someone is thinking. So don’t wait to reach out because it may be too late. Overall, it doesn’t matter which side of the situation you’re on. Keep each other’s feelings in mind when making decisions. That one hard decision can change someone’s life.


A more upbeat, whimsical-sounding song compared to the others. Roughly the same topics but focuses on the singer’s thoughts of how no matter how hard he tried, somehow he put up a front and lied to everyone about how he truly is. That no matter how hard he tries, in reality, he’s not okay mentally. Not everything is what it seems. He tries to get help but he’s not sure exactly how to get the right kind. Seems like everything he does isn’t the right action. But if you relate to this, it’ll be okay.

‘Long Way Down’

Have you ever thought of a situation that was bad, but if you had someone you cared about, it wouldn’t appear that way? That’s what SayWeCanFly talks about in this song. He is aware that his life isn’t the greatest. No matter how hard he tries and everywhere he looks, he always ends up in the same hole, deeper each time. Having company during these awful situations can make things so much better. It will feel less lonely. These people can help you get out of that hole. Love is the greatest blessing and pain one can endure. In a relationship, each person has to be equally involved when it comes to loving each other. Love can balance out the negativity.


This song was one of the longest on the album. ‘Without’ pulled at my heartstrings. It talks about moving on and how difficult it can be. When you are with someone, whether it’s a friendship or relationship, you start picking up on the behaviors and interests of your person. Once the break up happens, that person is gone but you still have bits and pieces of them in you. In your routine, your music tastes, and other interests that you have, you still have a bit of them in there that you adapted. It makes it hard to move on. Sometimes you just want to go back to them but you know that you can’t. There’s a reason why you two split up and it will never be the same. It’s hard to cope and control your emotions when you were attached to another human being.


‘Amor’ was a lot slower compared to the other songs on this album. Instantly it reminded me of a song you would sing right before you leave for a battle. A song tribute to keep going and to keep fighting. To pray or believe in whatever/whoever to watch over you in your darkest times. A song dedicated to keeping you safe and sane while you fight another battle.

‘Make You Mine’

‘Make You Mine’ was a completely different song. It is an upbeat, super cute, love song that just made me want to dance. In this song, artist SayWeCanFly talks about how he wants to make his lover his. He could and would do anything to make his lover happy and to feel loved. This song is definitely a song you want to send to your lover/crush.


This was a laid-back song talking about how the relationship didn’t work. Instead of worrying about why it failed, you just pick something else to get addicted to…like caffeine.

‘Part Of Me’

Similar to other songs, this song is representing the moment when you finally understand that it’s time to move on. That you don’t have time to sulk over what-if’s. You can still miss them because that person will always have a big part of you. But you will never get anything done sulking and reminiscing forever. The relationship didn’t work out for a reason, so don’t try to replace it with the same kind. Take your time and figure yourself out. This song will make you think of your past and how everything eventually changes.

‘Hell Is’

This is one of the songs that made me almost cry immediately. It was so beautiful and truthful. It hit home for me way too quickly. One of the worst pains you can feel is to love someone who will never love you back. To ache and feel such strong emotions for another human being and deep down you know that they don’t even feel an ounce of that towards you. SayWeCanFly put that harsh feeling into a magical combination of words.

‘Beneath The Roses’

Lastly, the last song of the album — ‘Beneath The Roses.’ The song title that the album is named after. This song really ties the whole album together. From love to self-aware and heartbreak, ‘Beneath The Roses’ explains to the audience that this moment, right here, right now, only happens once. And then it’s gone. Make sure to appreciate it and make it known. Acknowledge your feelings now. Remember how you felt during this moment. Because it could vanish in a snap. Maybe in another life, you can experience it all over again with each other, but right now you can’t. It’s a bittersweet thing to recognize. This song has beautiful background vocals. These vocals really tied the fantasy sound together.


Overall this album, in my opinion, was so heartwrenching. It mainly focused on the topics of heartbreak and self-awareness. ‘Beneath The Roses’ makes you appreciate the little things and explains that you are not alone with whatever you are feeling. However, sometimes you are, in fact, the problem and that’s okay! We all have something we need to work on. SayWeCanFly did a wonderful job portraying these hard topics. I can not wait to see what else he releases in the future. In the meantime, stream ‘Beneath The Roses’!

Image from Braden’s Instagram.

SayWeCanFly’s Other Socials: Spotify | Website | YouTube


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