Seeing The World Of Fame Through Louis Tomlinson’s Eyes

All Of Those Voices Movie Review/Summary

Louis Tomlinson shocked fans worldwide when he announced the release date of his documentary All Of Those Voices, an emotional documentary-style movie that explains his life behind the scenes in the fast lane. Louis has had multiple milestones and bumps in his career, from One Direction to life as a dad, and dealing with losses in his family. Most people would stop in their tracks, but Louis decided to use this as motivation to keep going.

Who is Louis Tomlinson?

Born on December 24th, 1991 in Doncaster, UK, Louis William Tomlinson is an English singer and songwriter. He is well-known for being one of five members of the world famous boyband One Direction. Louis has dabbled in the music business here and there, however, got his big break when he auditioned on the British music competition series, The X Factor, in 2010. Now, he is a solo musician with two studio albums.

One Direction on the X Factor, image source:
Breaking Down All Of Those Voices

All Of Those Voices starts strong with the topic of Louis being in the phenomenal, record-breaking boyband called One Direction. One Direction was formed back in 2010 on the X Factor show. The band, at the time, consisted of 5 members; Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik. Louis admitted that he was attached to the group right away. It felt like a family to him. As much as he loved being in a group with four best friends, something felt off, like he wasn’t actually a part of the group. Louis later realized that he didn’t have an official part in the music-making department. So he decided (along with the other members) to start writing their own songs. This helped Louis feel more himself and boosted his career. Louis felt on top of the world, with touring, performing, and meeting new people. However, all of that changed when Zayn Malik, a now former 1D member, announced that he would be leaving the band on March 25th, 2015. Louis knew, deep-down, 1D was coming to an end. Fast forward, his guess was right and in 2016, One Direction, as a whole, decided to go their separate ways. Leaving Louis to wonder, “What does this mean for me and my career?’

Louis and Liam at the All Of Those Voices premiere, image source:

2016 was a wild year for Louis. At the beginning of the year, Louis had his son Freddie, who is now seven years old. That was an unexpected event that changed his lifestyle. This change was major considering Freddie was his first child and he and Freddie’s mom share custody. Louis explains that it was hard watching everyone go their separate ways later on. Liam Payne (who surprised Louis at the All Of Those Voices premiere) opened for Louis at a music festival, and later Louis described the scenario as “surreal” and “overwhelming.” Later in 2016, Louis had another unexpected bump in the road. Unfortunately, his mom passed away. This was hard for him mentally and physically. This segment of the movie became emotional very quickly. Louis talked about how big of an inspiration she was, as well as his whole family. Tears were shed during this time of the movie. Even though this was a very hard time for Louis, he decided to use it as motivation. He was in a slump for a long time. He wasn’t sure where he wanted to go with his career, how he wanted to do it, etc. But he used his mom’s wise words to keep himself going. Louis started feeling like himself again and creating new music. However, when Louis thought everything was going great, his little sister passed in 2019 and he felt like he was starting all over again.

Louis, his mom, and Louis’ son, Freddie, image source: The Hollywood Gossip
Louis and his late sister, Félicité, image source:

After his slump, Louis finally got back on his feet. At the beginning of 2020, he released his first album Walls, and shortly after that he went on tour. But once again, luck was not on his side and his tour got postponed after a couple of shows due to COVID-19, which as everyone knows, shut down the world. No one could travel or perform. This tragic event hurt thousands of artists, including Louis. This didn’t stop him though. He was tired of being pushed around by events he couldn’t prevent, so he did his first live-stream concert. In December 2020, Louis Tomlinson broke the record for most tickets sold for a live-streamed concert by a solo male artist. During the pandemic the singer sold 160,000 tickets worldwide for his Live from London charity concert. It was only up from here.

After realizing what he can do and how much his fanbase loves him, his confidence skyrocketed. He went back on tour after the pandemic and as he performed, each venue grew bigger and bigger. He couldn’t believe it. On this tour, his son got to see him perform live for the first time. Freddie was in the crowd with Louis’ best friend, singing along to every word. This moment meant the world to Louis. After this, at every show, Louis told the crowd how much he appreciates them. He told them, “you need me and I need you,which became his slogan for the tour. These moments: connecting with his son and the band and even the crowd…this is what Louis wanted his career to become. To him, this was happiness.


Louis is a kind, loving soul said by many people he has worked with and has been around. His family says he was always meant to care and be “the guardian”; it’s in his blood. His crew says that they’ve never worked with such a loving, accepting guy before and after watching this documentary, I believe them. Louis Tomlinson has gone through so much over the past thirteen years. From the beginning, being in One Direction and feeling like an outcast, to becoming a dad and losing two family members, Louis has taken everything life can throw at him and used it as motivation.

After watching this movie, I have looked at my life differently. I saw what he went through, what he felt, and I’ve never felt so sorry and proud for someone as much as I do for Louis. He is an inspiration to this generation and younger ones. He is a walking representation of the phrase, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

There are so many emotions bottled up into 1 hour and 44 minutes. I highly recommend watching just a section of this movie if you ever get a chance. Go in with an open mind and soak in all the events that Louis mentions. I guarantee that you will have a different outlook on your own life and dreams.

Louis Tomlinson on the Red Carpet for All Of Those Voices, image source: Louis’ Instagram



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