‘Save Space’ for Chloé Caroline’s Newest EP ‘The Awakening Vol. 1’

Image Source: Additional Print by Chloé Caroline

Chloé Caroline is a California native that has 16+ music videos that are currently released. She just released her new EP called The Awakening Vol 1. Chloé has such a warm, SoCal comforting vibe that she shows in her newest EP.

I think most, if not all, listeners can relate to this! This EP consists of 6 titles that express her true calling of making sure no one feels alone. Each song has its own unique meaning to them, that I want to break down for you.


The Awakening Vol. 1 starts with a song called ‘Gemini’

Right away ‘Gemini’ had an upbeat partying vibe to it. This song explained that the relationship the man character had with their lover was a love-hate relationship and based her relationship off the stereotype of a Gemini which represents twins in the Zodiac community. Therefore her relationship with this person was two sided just like a Gemini.

‘Saving Space’

Next is the song ‘Saving Space.’ This one was unbelievable. It gave me cold chills instantly. It was so beautiful and so truthful. I related to it so much it that it honestly made me cry. This song talked about how sometimes people are not meant to stay in your life. No matter how much you want them to. But deep down, even though you know the truth, you hold a little space open for them because you have a small glimpse of hope that they will come back. I believe this one has to be my favorite off of her new EP.

‘Twin Flames’

The song ‘Twin Flames’ is about exactly what you think it is. Chloé brought a whole new light to this term. Twin flames are believed to be an instant connection with two souls. She explained in this song that she had found her second half, her connection and the person that makes everything better. The person that your soul is connected too are not needed for you to live your life but if you had a choice, you would definitely choose them to be there with you, through it all. The connection will be there no matter the time or distance.

Image Source: Artwork for the single ‘TWINFLAMES’ by Chloé Caroline

‘Afraid of the Dark’

Chloé’s song ‘Afraid of the Dark’ makes the listener aware that everyone is scared of something, if not a lot of things. But this does not mean you have to go through the tough times alone. If you have someone by your side, helping you get over these obstacles, then may remember life is worth living.

‘Underneath the Moon’

‘Underneath the Moon’ is definitely a song that you listen to while driving down a back road in the middle of a summer night. The kind of song that makes you appreciate the little things like how the moon shines the darkness for us every night, or how the wind cools off our face during a warm summer night, or maybe how we have that one person who always makes us smile, even in our lowest times.

‘Underneath the Moon’ represents how most of the time this generation thinks that it’s cooler to be sad or mysterious. That you’ll make more friends or be noticed by more people if you’re negative. Hardly any one smiles or looks happy anymore. We all look at the negatives of what this life brings us instead of the positivity aspects of life. Life may be hard and unsettling at times but the energy you accept and put out, will be the energy you receive.


The song ‘Memories’ was a life changer and I’m not trying to sound dramatic. This song really made you think about the past and how quickly everything changed. That the choices you choose now can affect your life drastically. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could talk to younger you and be her shoulder to cry on?

Chloé in this song pointed out that most of the things we all worry about back then doesn’t matter now. It gets better and things change quickly. It’s overwhelming yes, but look how far you come in just a few years. And no matter how much you try to change yourself or how much you grow up, you will always have bits of the past still lingering in you, waiting to be brought back up when you need it most.

Overall I really loved The Awakening Vol. 1. The way Chloé and her team crafted this EP was beautiful. It made you rethink yourself and how you are not alone in situations that you thought you were. Chloé Caroline as a true gift and I can’t wait to see what she creates in the future.

Stream The Awakening Vol. 1 now on all platforms

Image source: ‘Saving Space’ cover with no text by Chloé Caroline

For more of Chloé Caroline: WEBSITE | TIKTOK


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