INTERVIEW: Alexa Cappelli Shares Story Behind New SIngle

Alexa Cappelli has very quickly captured our hearts (and our TikTok feeds). The 22 year-old, fresh out of school, released her debut single ‘SAY SOMETHING’ in 2021. This single racked up over 3.2 million streams on Spotify and paved the way for her EP release in 2022.

Listen to Confused @ 22 here!

Her very first single of the year is available right now on all streaming platforms and FWT was lucky enough to sit down with Alexa prior to the release.

Image Source: Alexa Cappelli via Mutuals Agency

The music we listen to while growing up often influences our current tastes. As an artist, do you think the music you grew up around has impacted your own sound? How so? 

Oh absolutely! I listened to a lot of my parent’s favorites from country to classic rock to Christian radio stations to and from school growing up, and I know it’s impacted my songwriting. I loved Kelly Clarkson and Katy Perry’s pop anthems, to Andy Grammer and Johnnyswim’s intentional lyricism. I’d like to think it shows in my music now.

You’ve mentioned in previous interviews that Kelly Clarkson is one of your biggest inspirations, can you tell us about how it was working with her on The Voice? 

I always say she was exactly the same on and off camera. She was always very wise and friendly during the short time I’d spent with her rehearsing and team bonding. She can also sing her face off, and I admire her for all that.

Image Source: Alexa Cappelli via Mutuals Agency

Many of your past releases have covered personal topics with open honesty, what goes through your head while creating these songs and ultimately sharing them with the world? 

There’s not always room for deep intentional honesty in pop songs, but my favorite is when several things are said in only one or two lines. It feels a lot like a metaphorical puzzle, and I loveeeee puzzles. 

Here at FWT, we are an entirely female-run team, what has your experience as a young woman in the music industry been like? Do you have any advice to share? 

I have a lot of amazing women on my team. They go above and beyond when it comes to understanding my vision and passion, even beyond the music. My advice is to discover and live by what that means for you. It is so much easier to align with teams, friends, lovers, and fans when I am confident in how I live my life. The right ones will complement that and vice versa.

What made you take that leap to focus on music full-time? Would you have ever guessed it would end up with you signing to somewhere like Arista Records? 

I am grateful for the means I’ve had to be able to pursue music full-time. I was in college during the pandemic and decided I didn’t want to be in debt (or have to study ear training online), so I took the leap to leave and never looked back. I didn’t know where I’d end up but I knew I couldn’t stop once I’d started! 

“I could never dream of someone better than you, just someone better for me”

Your new single ‘Someone Better’ captures the feeling of loving someone but knowing the relationship is not working out, what was the inspiration behind this?

The inspiration was a very lovely guy who was kind, caring, and genuine. He had passions and a lifestyle of his own, that unfortunately just didn’t align with mine. Many difficult conversations later, I’m letting him go because we both deserve people who will grow with us in the directions we’re going.

How is ‘Someone Better’ different from your previous releases and how is it defining your new music/journey? 

It is very much a side of me that not many have seen yet in my released songs. I think very highly of the people that have come into my life, even if it comes to letting them go. “Someone Better” shows you a glimpse of that.

The song, for me, hits very close to home, almost like a “right person, wrong time” situation. If you were able to pick any scene from a movie where ‘Someone Better’ would play as the backing track, what would you pick? 

I think it would play in the last moments of La La Land (I won’t give any spoilers). I’d always felt so confused and saddened by that ending until I went through it myself, and this song definitely reflects that. 

On behalf of the Fangirls World Tour team, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us. 

Thank YOU for asking! ❤

‘Someone Better’ by Alexa Cappelli is available now!


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