Love You Later Gets Real With New Single “Are You Gonna Care When I Die?”

Who Is Love You Later?

Love You Later is the solo project of the Nashville-based singer and songwriter Lexi Aviles. Born in California, Lexi comes from a musically inclined family. She got her start in the music industry by posting original songs and covers on YouTube.

Love You Later recently released her lead single, “Girl With Headphones,” which was a huge success. Following this single, she just released another one! This single is named, ‘Are You Gonna Care When I Die.’ ‘AYGCWID’ is a song with an Alt-Pop vibe with a heartfelt subliminal message. This single will appear in her newest EP, ‘From The Window Seat,’ which will be out May 5th of this year!

…Pairing electric melodies and honest lyrics with shimmery guitar riffs and euphoric synths, Love You Later’s music will make you feel like you’re in a dream. At just 24-years-old, she has already amassed over 8 million streams across her discography….

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Image Source: PR image by Love You Later

Diving into ‘Are You Gonna Care When I Die.’

‘Are You Gonna Care When I Die’ has a sweet Alt-Pop sound with a raw perspective on the artist and her emotions. Love You Later poured her heart into this song to let her listeners know that they too, can reclaim their power when they feel insignificant or undermined. Her inspiration was from her experience in the music industry. Lately, it seemed like the music industry didn’t believe in her when she needed them too the most. She would work days in and days out doing what she loves and the industry wouldn’t listen. Love You Later felt stuck and discouraged. Soon, she realized that the only opinion she truly needed was her own. She took matters into her own hands and wrote this song as a reminder that now is the time to speak up. Now is the time to believe in yourself. If you are not going to listen and believe in what you can do, then who will?

I genuinely loved Are You Gonna Care When I Die.’ This is the first song I have heard from the artist, Love You Later and it wasn’t what I was expecting at all. The message and power in this song were so intense. I could truly tell she worked hard on this single. This song makes you wonder, who truly has your back? Who would be there when everything falls apart? In reality, the only person you know for sure that will be there for you…is yourself. I can not wait to hear what else Love You Later releases in the future.

Go stream ‘Are You Gonna Care When I Die’ now on all streaming platforms and save the date for her newest EP! (Out 5/5!)

Where To See Her Live…

Love You Later Tour Dates:
May 5 – Nashville, TN @ The End
May 22 – Brooklyn, NY @ Baby’s All Right
June 21 – Los Angeles, CA @ Moroccan Lounge

Image source: LYL PR Image by Love You Later

For more Love You Later: WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | SPOTIFY


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