Underrated Korean R&B Artists

Korean R&B was first introduced into Korean Culture around the 1990s when the group Seo Taiji & Boys debuted. They changed the music scene in South Korea and quickly took over the charts. Now, Korean R&B is compiled of a lot of underrated artists who write and produce their music. These next four Korean R&B artists will make a great addition to your playlist.


First on the list is Park Chi-woong who goes by the stage name Xydo. He is a Korean R&B singer/songwriter who debuted in 2019 under GROOVL1N with his song ‘#OOTD’ ft. Coogie. Since then, he has been slowly soaring to the top and has shown he is not afraid of testing out new styles that have paired perfectly with his striking vocal range. He has accumulated millions of streams on Spotify for multiple songs like Free, AUTOMATIC REMIX, and Me without you.

He has collaborated with artists like pH-1, RAVI, Coogie, BUMKEY, Moon Byul, and YUNHWAY. Xydo recently released a single called ‘Bubble’ which is groovy, upbeat, and playful. It is the perfect song to add to your morning playlist.

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Next up is Kim Hyun-jung, most commonly known as Hoody who is a Korean R&B singer-songwriter and producer. Her journey began in 2013 when she became a member of an all-female hip hop crew named Amourette. Then later on in 2015, she became the first female artist to be signed to AOMG, which is a label that Jay Park founded.

Since then, Hoody has gained a lot of international fans and has toured the U.S. and Europe. Her most popular songs would be ‘Adios’, ‘When The Rain Stops’, ‘Sunshine’, ‘HANGANG’, and ‘Blue’. Hoody is known for her unmatched and captivating vocals. Her latest track titled, ‘Amazing’ is a very fun and laid back song that you can unwind to.

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Photo by NOVV KIM

This next artist has taken the Korean R&B world by storm and has quickly become many peoples favorite artist. Oceanfromtheblue made his debut in March 2018 by releasing his EP album “Luv-fi”. He is now signed to Warner Music Korea’s subsidiary label Nostalgia Music and has collaborated with BLOO, Yeeun, and Jiselle to name a few. 

He likes to compare his music to the blue ocean because it can be very melancholic and poetic. His most known songs are ‘girl’, ‘Sherlock’, ‘Come Back Home’, and ‘Scent’. Each of the songs from his newly relseased first self titled album “oceanfromtheblue” tells a deep story that people are attracted to because they can connect to it.

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Se.A, is a Korean R&B singer-songwriter and producer. She first made her appearance in the music scene in 2013 as a duo alongside Kisum for a year and then went on to release a luminous self-produced EP in 2018. Two of her most streamed songs on Spotify are ‘Love Me Now’ and ‘Purple’, which have each accumulated more than 1 million streams on Spotify.

Throughout the years she has been able to showcase her incredible talents and has collaborated with artists like iKON, Ailee, and most recently helped write ‘BOY’, ‘JIKJIN’, and ‘DARARI’ for TREASURE. Her most recent single ‘Good Lies’ is very catchy and incredibly produced.

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