Are you a fan who has always wanted to work in the music industry, but don’t know where to begin? These next four successful organizations founded by fans will show you that anything is possible and give you the confidence into taking that first step into the music world.


To start off our list we have HALSUG which was founded in 2022 by Kat Beron. HALSUG is run by Korean music fans from different places all over the world who are working together to shed a spotlight to all of those underrated artists looking for opportunities. They show this in multiple ways like interviewing them, and they have a playlist called Risings 1’s that is updated monthly with amazing Asian artists who are up and coming. While they are fairly new, they have accomplished a lot already and will only continue to grow from here.  

Halsug is currently looking for volunteers so if interested click the links below for more information!

Connect with HALSUG:  Instagram | Spotify | Youtube | Website


Fan To Band is the ultimate “fangirl to music industry professional pipeline.” They have an amazing virtual street team that was founded in 2019 by Jaime Billoti and since then skyrocketed to the top. With over 1,800 virtual street team members ranging from 30+ countries, Fan To Band gives a platform to all of those fans who want to showcase their skills in the music industry. Throughout the year they offer various internships, music industry professional guest speakers, and workshops to those wanting to gain experience. 

If you are interested in joining the virtual street team click the link below for more information!

Connect with FAN TO BANDInstagram | Spotify | Website | Linktree

Mutuals Agency

Founded in 2022 by Jaime Billoti who also founded Fan To Band, Mutuals Agency is an entertainment company unlike any other. They listen to what the fans want and market research to create outstanding campaigns for clients. Some of their clients include Sergio Calderon and Alexa Cappelli.

Connect with Mutuals AgencyInstagram | Website

Gen Admission

Gen Admission which was originally named Coda Collectiv, and was founded in February 2021 by multiple women from different parts of the world. Their mission is to give knowledge about different careers in the music industry and encourage fans to get involved. Their website is easy to navigate and gives detailed information about record labels, artists’ teams, and recording arts. 

In 2022 they became a 501 c3 California Non-Profit Organization which gave them the chance to reach more people interested in a career in the music industry. 

Connect with Gen AdmissionInstagram | Website


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