JAWNY On It’s Never Fair, Always True

Fangirls World Tour had the opportunity to sit down with Interscope Records artist JAWNY and talk about his upcoming album It’s Never Fair Always True releasing this Friday, March 3rd. We were able to learn about his influences, his songwriting process, and his opinion on if pineapple should be on pizza. (Spoiler: “It is your God given right to put pineapple on your fucking pizza”).

Image Source: Michael Tyrone Delaney for UMG

Jacob Sullenger, professionally known as JAWNY, is an American Pop singer, songwriter, and prodcuer. His 2019 release ‘Honeypie’ went viral on TikTok, earning him a record deal with Interscope and over six hundred million streams on Spotify to date.

But before there was JAWNY, there was just a boy who loved music.

He first began playing the guitar at age six, influenced by his father’s love of The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppilin. Days were spent making music with his brother and in 2018, his debut EP was released under the name Johnny Utah, ultimately leading to television placements, live shows, and a dedicated fanbase.

This version of him was incredibly important in the process for his new record. When asked about the differences between this forthcoming album and his previous releases, he described the former as the album he’s always wanted to make.

“There’s always some sort of change, I’m growing everyday as a human, getting older…that has had an impact [on my music].”


“This is what I wanted to do at eighteen,” JAWNY answered, “I wanted to mix in the roots I had as a teenager that I hadn’t put into music yet.” It is a coheasive body of work the entire way through. The listener is taken on a journey from start to finish, with something special for everyone. “I’m happy the world is going to hear it.”

It is evident that so much care and reflection went into creating It’s Never Fair, Always True. His hometown and his musical inspirations really helped shape him as an artist, and in turn this debut.

JAWNY grew up in many different areas, but the most prominent in his musical career happened to be the Bay Area for their love of Green Day, and South Carolinia for the southern rock influences. “It pulls from so many different places,” he reflected. “These influences really happened at the same time. Wheather I want it to be there or not, it’s there. You can’t change who you are.”

Image Source: Michael Tyrone Delaney for UMG

He then went on to explain how important it is to make the music you would enjoy listening to. That is the basis of everything he does. “Who cares what people think about you, do what you need to do.” He did clarify that he means this in a creative sense, “If you’re a bad person, care what people think. But in art and music you should make it for yourself.”

His songwriting is all about telling a good story. “I can kinda fake a song into existence,” he explained, laughing, “Sometimes the words or a word comes first before any music and vise versa.” JAWNY tries not to force any creativity and “follows what’s cool” to him at the moment. He’ll create contradicting melodies, and beats that are almost opposite of the lyrics when you really listen.

hey you got my heart in a holster babe
i wanna live in your god damn veins
if that’s okay

‘wide eyed’ by JAWNY

“Most times if I’m writing about a sadder topic, I like to do the spoon full of sugar before the medicine”

JAWNY’s new album It’s Never Fair, Always True is yours on March 3, 2023. Make sure to presave so you don’t miss it! And be sure to check him out on his North American Tour, kicking off his month. Tickets are still availale!

Image Source: jawny.com

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Thank you to JAWNY, UMG & 1824 for this opportunity.

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