Fangirls World Tour had the opportunity to sit down with artist Penny Eau a few months ago to discuss her music, new podcast, and how she adapts as a woman in the industry. 

Not only is her songwriting open and honest, but her personality matches. Her calm and grounded presence was felt even over a Zoom screen and is certainly captured in her podcast ‘Penny’s Two Cents.’ I mean…could the name be more perfect?

She gives her opinion on “music, well-being, the environment, creativity, and all the things that make us human.” When asked about why she wanted to create the podcast she said she wanted to focus on the conversations that we as a society need to be having, but aren’t. “It seems when you open social media and news lately, there’s so much bleakness. I have been excited to have more optimistic conversations.”

When we got to the topic of music, Penny lit up.

“I try to write enough detail that you understand what the song is about, but not make it so narrow that you can’t find your own story in it. I think, obviously, that the most important part of music is that opportunity to find a connection…through music. I try to keep the story open enough that there’s an opportunity to misinterpret it in a way that suits your life.”

This creative process is incredibly important to her songwriting. This is evident in her lyrics as well as her poetic song titles. (i.e ‘Lavender and Gasoline’ and ‘Lemons in Heaven’). It comes naturally to her to share a part of herself with the world.

We then discussed what it was like co-writing her recent singles.

“I will normally have an idea for a song,” Penny Eau answered, “but then I like to get outside ideas and feedback. It can get sort of like an echo chamber to make music alone. I usually bring in at least a producer and often an extra songwriter as well.”

Her single ‘Lemons in Heaven’ opens up with the lyrics “I’m giving up this habit, yeah / Of looking for lemons in Heaven.” Penny explained that she had this concept for well over a year before she was able to articulate it perfectly. It centers around always focusing on the negative. “When things are good, [I’m] always picking at the sour pieces.”

Her newest single ‘missed connections’ was released on November 11th. It takes on the perspective of running through the airport only to miss your connecting flight. It feels like the universe is against you and all you have left is bad luck.

This single is very reminiscent of Eau’s other published work. Her vocals are almost haunting as she tells this narrative.

In the future, Penny is looking forward to touring with her band across the US and Europe. Ideally, she would be able to perform in coffee shops and even a plant shop. “I love plants,” she told me, “so I started thinking, like, you could have a gig in here. There’s something so lively and cleansing.”

Our conversation then turned to how to handle the music industry as a young woman.

“I do often feel like the only woman in the room. I think any woman in music definitely knows what it’s like to be the only one bringing that kind of perspective and that feminine fluidity. I don’t know, I think there is so much inherently creative about being a woman. We are literally the creators.”

We talked about how overwhelming the masculine energy in the room can be. It often feels as if there is no place for us to exist in spaces like this. Penny feels that the more she puts herself in these spaces and as she’s grown as an individual, the less she cares.

“I feel empowered by being the only one. If I am going to be the only [woman], then I need to represent well and take this responsibility seriously. I think it’s becoming more common to find women in more “traditionally male” roles…now we are getting the recognition and opportunities that we have always deserved.”

When asked what her dream festival lineup would be she instantly answered with Doja Cat. “I think I would make it all female as well. All female crew!”

Penny Eau is an incredibly talented and genuine artist and I am thankful for the opportunity to sit down with her and discuss her career.

You can find Penny on social media @pennyeau and stream her music on Spotify and Apple Music.

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