5 Reasons to Stan Taylor Swift

Taylor Alison Swift is one of the biggest artists on this planet and we should be blessed to live in her presence – that last part was important. However, by being in the public eye comes with a lot of consequences. So if you have any misconception about her because of the media, or if your not sure if you like her music or not and if you want to be a Swiftie….then this is the article made especially for you

  1. She uses her platform for good.

I always love it when someone in the public eye speaks up about an important issue that’s happening in society because I admire them even more. In Taylor’s case, she’s no stranger to speaking her mind. In 2014, Taylor removed her music from the streaming service Spotify because of the small royalties they were receiving from her discography. She didn’t stop there. In 2015, she wrote a letter to Apple Music explaining why her new album 1989 wouldn’t be available in the streaming platform which was because members of the music label and other artists such as producers and writers wouldn’t be paid royalties when any user signed up for a three-month free trial. She explained that she wanted to do this as a way to show to that all artists – old or new – should be compensated for their work.

Years later in 2018, during her Reputation tour. She made an Instagram post to ask for people to register to vote which was documentated on her Miss Americana Netflix documentary. Within two days, there was a spike in voter registration after her post was released and she also backed two Democratic candidates in her home stae of Tennessee. In a separate post, she shared a letter she wrote to a Tennessee senator to express her support of the Equality Act, which inhibits discrimination of individuals based on the gender they identify with or their sexual preference. Lastly, in order to celebrate LGBTQ Pride month,Taylor made a donation to the LGBTQ organization GLAAD and created a petition to encourage the Senate to support the Equality Act.

2. She treats her fans like they’re her family

In all of her years as an artist, Taylor has never charged fans to meet her unlike many others. When she did her Secret Sessions to promote certain albums, she personally hand picks dedicated fans from social media and invites them to her house. These events are a listening party premiere for a few select fans where they get to listen to Taylor talk about her inspiration and album making process, as well as hear the tracks before they are officially released. The fans are found by Taylor herself or members of her team, through what is referred to as “Taylurking”, where Taylor stalks her fans online to decide who gets to meet her. 

Taylor is very interactive with her fans online, particularly on TikTok. She follows and likes videos from fans on that platform, and sometimes has reposted them. Even though Taylor is such a huge celebrity, she treats her fans like they are her own personal friends. Even when she is attending public events such as movie premiers or music award shows, she always takes time to stop and take pictures with fans and sign autographs.

3. Her sweet and kind personality

One of the best traits about Taylor is her character. She is an extremely humble and down to earth person. Some of us would consider her to be one of the most famous and successful artists in the world, she treats everyone she comes into contact with the utmost level of respect.

Taylor is very supportive of friends. I don’t know why but I would just love to be her friend because of the amount of gratitude she has for them. She is always giving them shoutouts and promoting their music on her instagram, and she also invited many artists to be special guests for her 1989 World Tour and Reputation Stadium Tour. Taylor invited Selena Gomez as guest star on the Reputation Stadium tour.

She just acts like your normal average person. At times you can almost forget that she is an internationally famous pop star. What’s special about her is that we feel like we can relate to her. She’s not afraid to joke around and act silly or to openly declare her affection for all things cats-related. She is such a relatable person and it’s practically impossible to not love her.

4. Her amazing songwriting ability

Perhaps what Taylor Swift is most known for besides her successful crossover from country to pop music, is her capacity to write lyrical masterpieces. Something that has remained consistent in her 13 year career is her style of songs filled with plenty of visual imagery that gives listeners a feeling similar to watching a movie or reading a book e.g. Folklore and Evermore. The tracks that she writes are always filled to the brim with intense physical descriptions that make it easy for her audience to imagine themselves walking in her shoes and experiencing the same situations that she sings about – my favourite has to be All Too Well when I get that feeling and it doesn’t help it’s autumn at the moment. Her music is very relatable, covering a wide spectrum on topics whether it be love, rejection, doubt and confusion, the dark side of fame, youth, critics, cancer, overcoming adversity, growing up, or forgiveness. Taylor’s iconic narrative story telling style always touches on a wide range of subjects and emotions, which makes it easy for people of all ages to connect and relate to her music.

5. Her resilience in the face of adversity

Over the years, Taylor has been criticised a lot by the general public. However she has remained positive and strong throughout it. She doesn’t allow the opinions of strangers to influence her which should be the mental attitude we should all have. What I love about her is how she can take all this criticism and hate and turn it into a song. Songwriting for so many people is an escape, or really just a coping mechanism for it.

A prime example of how Taylor turns the critiques aimed at her into hit songs is “Look What You Made Me Do” – which is my all time favourite music video. The whole concept of it revolves around exaggeration and drama in order to capitalize on the persona that the media has painted her out to be. At the end of the music video for this, Taylor makes fun of herself by referencing critiques or making fun of all her eras that she’s been in with her music. She also mocks comments that say she is fake and always pretends to be nice and that she always plays the victim. I will always be in awe in how she does what she does because shes a literal genius.

Do you have other reasons why fans should start stanning Taylor Swift? Leave them in the comments below…


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