Getting to Know Atlanta-Based Rock Band: An Interview With The Corduroy Blue

Interview conducted by Jacqueline Alvarez

The Corduroy Blue is an Atlanta-based rock band that consists of two very talented brothers, Atticus and Luke Roness. They are very inspired by early rock but enjoy exploring different genres. Look forward to their debut album coming out on November 11th!!

Would you like to start off by introducing yourself?

Atticus: Sure!

Luke: Yeah! My name is Luke Roness and I am the drummer of The Corduroy Blue. I’m dabbling in writing now and hopefully, I do more in the future. I also do harmony and sing as well. 

Atticus: I’m the lead singer, guitarist, and keys every once in a while of The Corduroy Blue. I write some of the songs like he says. We wrote one together on this record and he is writing a lot more. We try to collaborate as much as we can, but I wrote most of the stuff on this upcoming record.

Great! So who thought about starting The Corduroy Blue and who came up with that name?

Atticus: Well we had been in a band before and we are brothers obviously…the last name gives that away. So we were in a different band and we were just learning how to play better, figuring out a new sound, and it was during quarantine. I liked the color blue…

Luke: So just a bit of history, our first name was called “AQUASHADE” and that was like our high school band and then we kind of grew out of that. That’s when we transitioned to The Corduroy Blue and he will talk about how we did that transition. 

Atticus: So yeah we wanted to keep I guess some of the continuity of like aqua, but I didn’t want it to be gimmicky you know like in the way that Pink Floyd defined what that color meant for them and not the other way around. Like you don’t think about pink when you think of that band, they kind of made that a new term. I kind off wanted to do that, so we avoided blue in the beginning when we rebranded because it was just a name and it’s not defining our color. I wanted the because it’s really important like our abbreviation is “TCB” and to me “The” makes a statement and “TCB” works really well as an acronym so that leaves “Corduroy” where did that come from. I remember being like asking myself like why do I want to do this and what is the point. I felt that I wanted to create music that is not really made right now and break through the fabric of today’s music. So I was thinking about fabric and I went through my closet and felt every fabric and I felt my corduroy jacket and I liked the way it felt. It’s timeless, there’s texture, and it’s nostalgic, so that’s how I want my music to sound. It just so happens to work really well with our style, so yeah that is how “The Corduroy Blue” was born.

Cool! Is there somebody or something that inspired you to make music?

Atticus: Who would you say Luke?

Luke: When I was younger, since I was younger I have always been obsessed with drums because when I went to church I was always obsessed with the guy in the corner playing the drums. It was so interesting to me I don’t know why. I don’t know if there is a specific person or band or anything, but I have always loved the drums and knew that I wanted to play drums. I would say that some big inspirations now as far as drummers are people like Ringo Starr. He is a super simple drummer but I think that’s what people need to know these days like it’s ok to be simple and you can put your pride aside and do what’s best for the song. Stewart Copeland just because he is a genius and like he is so passionate about sound and stuff. Also just funk in general, like that style of rhythm is really interesting to me. 

Atticus: I’d say our dad. I think we would both say that. 

Luke: Yeah, he can’t play like any music for anything but he is a big music lover and so he introduced us to some really cool bands when we were really young. I’m really grateful for that. 

Atticus: Yeah, I don’t think that we would be where we are if it wasn’t for our dad. Like we really like a lot of the stuff coming out, but we both have an affinity for older stuff. I think that is just from really never being allowed to listen to anything else in a good way. We would listen to the same 20 bands. But Beatles records and ACDC records are all a part of our childhood and I mean everything for me starts with “The Beatles” it doesn’t end there like there is a lot of other great bands that I like. It all comes from the power pop and that sort of sunny, shiny, with a little bit of grit and interesting lyricism. So we get that a lot that we sound like some indie Beatles in the way that every sound is different. I’m not saying we are that and I would never compare myself to them I just am saying what people say.

I also know that you won a talent show when you were younger, is that also what sparked your interest in making music?

Luke: Yeah! How did you figure that out? I’m very interested to know. 

Jacqueline: I saw the Jameson on the Rocks Podcast that you did with him on youtube. 

Atticus: Wow that’s awesome! 

Luke: That’s very impressive! So yeah that was the thing that sparked “AQUASHADE”. That was our first band. 

Atticus: Yeah, because I was doing solo stuff and…

Luke: And I was learning the drums and I did drums for church. So it was almost inevitable that we would end up playing together, but that sparked like “wow we actually can do it” if we play together we actually make decent-sounding music. 

So I know that you have 2 songs from the album out which are “Bye Bye Love” and “Dreams + Nightmares” both of which I am a fan of. Can you explain the process of making them and what part you put the most thought into?

Atticus: Yeah sure and also there are two singles we released prior to those that will be on the album “Gimme Love” and “Could it be?”, but the two that you mentioned were kind of the start of the album rollout. Like we hadn’t decided we were going to do an album with those other four songs, so I guess once we decided that we were going to do an album we added them. We just wanted to put out songs that we liked and I think it’s an interesting assortment of them actually. The reason we are “The Corduroy Blue” only me and him like we use other people live but in the studio, we don’t need anybody else but him and I. So yeah I kind of go to him with an already written thing and then we just practice it and work it out. We’ll jam out sometimes, like one of the songs I think “The Death of Me” we started as a jam, but for the most part I just come to him. It’s just a process of me and him figuring out what we want and I’m really excited about everything we are going to put out. Starting at the beginning figuring out the whole process. 

Luke: Yeah I mean we are so good together chemistry wise so I would honestly just say that the hardest part is like you have an idea it’s just executing it. Like you think you have the song written until you go into the studio and see that there are so many things that you didn’t think about. 

Atticus: I describe making an album like walking the great wall of China. You’re walking up and your sweating and then you look up and still got so much more to go. Like that is what it felt like making these songs.

What music genres and artists influence your musical style

Atticus: Well I mentioned The Beatles earlier so I guess them. It’s also probably the music that me and he share. 

Luke: We always say that whenever you have nothing else to listen to, you can’t go wrong shuffling The Beatles. 

Atticus: You know I think that the weird thing with rock bands is that they try to sound like the bands back then, but they don’t understand that people back then were trying to sound as up-to-date as possible. The Beatles were extremely well-produced for that time period. 

Luke: I like The Police, The Beatles obviously, Stevie Wonder I like a lot and I like a lot of feel-good stuff. 

Are you ever scared to try a new genre of music and afraid that it might not do well?

Atticus: That’s a really good question. 

Luke: I almost feel like I should be more scared than I am, but I am never scared. I usually need that, like I get bored very easily behind the drums and if I don’t change up something I will get bored. I get very excited to introduce a new genre, but I feel like people in the industry will be like “You better be careful about that”, but like we don’t listen to them. 

Atticus: I’m the exact same way and I’m always trying to try different things. I mean this record in general is pretty much all over the place. We have reggae songs, funk songs, punks, and ballads. We are both not scared of that to the point that people have like “Well you gotta have a sound” and we just write songs. 

Out of the songs that you have out, is there a song that you would recommend to your first-time listeners?

Luke: That’s a good question. From what we have out, I mean obviously, when most people go to Spotify they will listen to the most streamed one like “Gimme Love”. I couldn’t say one song because of the six singles we have out it’s like if you listen to one you won’t get a grasp of what we do. The whole point is that you have to listen to at least four of them for them to be like “Wow they really do a little bit of everything”. I really love “Could it be?” because it’s very timeless. I keep going back to that one, so I usually share that one if people ask and “Gimme Love” because it’s our most popular one. Then I would send “Dreams + Nightmares”.

I was also looking at the music videos and they are really well-made.

Luke: Thank You! That is all thanks to our man Matthew Fain. We consider him like that third member of our band and he was been with us since like my sophomore or junior year of high school. He has been like our creative director. He was done with any visual, music video, promotion, the website, and anything that you see of our band is all Matthew Fain. He does all of that and we are very grateful. Shoutout to Matthew Fain we love you and miss you a lot!!

Can you tell us a little bit about your upcoming debut album and what to expect?

Luke: Yeah! It’s a self-titled album, so it’s called “The Corduroy Blue”…

Atticus: Wait I wanted to do that because so many people’s debut album are my favorite since they weren’t pressured by the label. It was just songs that they were proud of. I think that were are going to make a lot of great records and I’ve made some since this, but I don’t think anything is going to encapsulate everything like this record will. I also think that the other thing that we do on this record that is great is that especially since we live in Atlanta everything is very punk centered, so there is not a lot of ballads. I think that it is a poor representation of what rock was. Rock was Elton John, Billy Joel, and ABBA. Like I talked about this will my girlfriend and I think you do too. You can name your favorite songs and I can bet that most of them are going to be ballads because those just tend to seem to stick with people. Anyways I’m saying all this because half of the record is ballads. That’s the type of music that speaks to us. 

You guys have had some concerts, and I’m wondering how you feel performing in front of people that sing along to your songs?

Atticus: Well that is the whole point of why we do all this. To hear people singing and having fun. Like that is why we decided to plan an album in February. We heard people singing unreleased songs and I thought that it was a sign. It’s gotta be one of the best feelings. And it’s fun to be up there with him. 

Luke: I’ve done a lot of musicals in my life and it feels good to have people like cheer and stuff, but it’s a deeper feeling when people are doing the same things but for what you created.

Where do you envision your career in the future?

Atticus: Hmm well the future is subjective I guess right. Like what’s one year versus ten years, but I mean the way that we’re growing I think regional touring whether it’s on the weekends or a few days just around this area is good. It’s hard to put say, you know a record could do really well or it could do exponentially well and who knows where we go from there. I know that we are doing the right things, working hard, and making connections, but it does take a little bit of luck to get to a certain point. I really want to be on the national stage and have our band be an influence on other bands. 

Luke: I mean shoot to the moon and you’re going to hit something right. I don’t know why we would cap ourselves as regional, I mean let’s shoot and see how far we can get. We are going to try and touch as many people without hearts as we can.

What’s your favorite song from the album?

Luke: My favorite song from the album would be The Death of Me, Dreams + Nightmares, Her Majesty. 

Atticus: Of the ones out right now Dreams + Nightmares and Could it be?. I think that the best songs from this record to me are Her majesty and The Death of Me.

To wrap up this interview, do you have any last words to say to fans who are eagerly waiting on your new release?

Luke: I would just say that you are not ready and you need to be ready November 11th for our album because I am so excited for people to listen to it. 

Atticus: I would also second that! It will just be kind of surreal to have all of that material out and I mean we have just been playing it for years and it will feel like “What’s my purpose now”. It’s a combination of like five or six years of material. Yeah, I’m really excited and November 11th can’t come here soon enough. I think that once you hear it there is at least one song for every human being out there. That’s the beauty of it. I don’t think there are going to be many people that will like the whole album, that is not my goal. If you are not from our fanbase I don’t expect you to like every song, but I know that you are going to like one. I would rather people argue about what’s the best song than there only being one great song.

Stay tuned for their debut album coming out on November 11!!!

Connect with The Corduroy BlueInstagram | Spotify | Apple Music | Youtube | Website


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