Artist Spotlight: Izzy Gallegos

words by Karina

Izzy Gallegos is a singer, performer, and entertainer based in California. His love for music and performing arts led him all the way to Germany, where the stars aligned for Izzy to have his big break. There are multiple things that set this artist apart from other performers. One thing that the North American audience may not know is that Izzy Gallegos is a former member of an international boyband US5 created by Lou Perlman, the man who gave us *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys. Just like the bands mentioned earlier, US5 has achieved the same level of success in Europe, selling over 12 million records worldwide.

Izzy Gallegos performed in front of thousands of people on the biggest stages in Europe. 

What makes this artist stand out from the rest is his authenticity, unique style, raw talent, and drive. His solo release ‘Run Away’ clearly shows the magnitude of his talent. This track served as a perfect introduction to Izzy as a solo artist. This edgy pop-rock sound was an ideal fit. 

Check out ‘Run Away’ below: 

For more music and the latest news from Izzy follow him on Instagram @izzygallegos.official


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