Song Review of Sofia Gillani’s New Single, ‘Flames’

words by Jayda Jasmine

A newcomer from London has arrived, and we should all take a listen. Sofia Gillani is a young singer-songwriter who is beginning to find her own voice and implores us to think deeply about personal issues of our own while she navigates obstacles around her. 

‘Flames’ opens up with an enchanting atmosphere reminiscent of floating into a dream. Powerful vocal riffs paired with a high siren-like melody, gently pull the listener into the ‘flames’. This effect is amplified through the intricate lyrics and delicate delivery from the London-based singer.

This song features Gillani’s velvety voice that sounds like a jazzy classic paired with new-age pop production comparable to Bishop Briggs, Jax, and K.Flay. A mysterious synth, rising bass, and thoughtful twinkling sounds feel oddly peaceful as if you’re in the eye of the storm, looking ahead at what is to come. This is reflected in the official music video which showcases various unsettling scenes, from cop cars to smoke, and spiders, this song and video evoke a very particular feeling that one should experience for themselves. 

Gillani reminds us that the “flames are rising higher” which can be interpreted as referring to many current situations in the world. It feels somewhat ominous, but comforting at the same time. This makes it a great song to listen to while pondering life. 

Overall, the song nails the haunting movie-like atmosphere and constantly throws in more details as you go on the journey of the song. Gillani’s surrender to the flames is relatable and moving, especially for other young girls.


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