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Raise your hand if you still haven’t gotten over a boy band break-up.

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Join the club…

Like all the romcoms have told us before: breakups do hurt especially when you least expect it. A common theme that can be seen when a band ‘temporarily’ splits is that there’s always a desire to venture into a solo career or even a member starts to get blamed for everything that goes wrong.

A human relationship could even be used as an example of why there’s always a rise and a fall of boy bands. These could be that interests might diverge, conflicts may arise and even in extreme cases ties could be cut permanently. There’s always a chance that after a break up there might be reconciliation which in this case would be a comeback.

Many boy bands have split up but only a few come back. Today, I’m going to be telling you about my favorite boy band comebacks and why they initially spilt.

the Jonas Brothers at the 2019 VMAs via Rolling Stone

I wanted to start this all off by talking about the Jonas Brothers and why their break-up pretty much broke the hearts of many teenagers across the world.

The pop-rock trio and real-life brothers – the Jonas Brothers – split up in 2013. Many of their fans believed this was because of Nick who had tried to have a solo career with his band Nick Jonas and the Administration. It was revealed in the 2019 documentary Chasing Happiness that it was Nick who wanted the band to break up. Even talking about it brought Joe to tears on screen. The documentary revealed that there were creative differences between the brothers as well as their management – the dreaded Disney Channel. They wanted to get away from this Disney image as Kevin wanted to settle down after being married in 2009. The brothers admitted in the documentary that they hadn’t spoken or hung out together in nearly seven years. Though, they reunited in 2019 to make a comeback that we all needed in our lives with their album Happiness Begins.

Another break-up the world couldn’t deal with is One Direction.

(we are clearly still grieving).

It’s been seven years since the news came out about how 1D member Zayn Malik departed from the band in 2015 to launch a solo career. Later that year, the remaining band members released the 5th studio album Made in the A.M which was the only part of the band’s discography to have the four members on it. A hiatus was announced in 2016 with Niall Horan and Harry Styles stating to reporters that the reason why the band had split was due to a demanding tour schedule as well as each member wanting to pursue other avenues of work. All members have hinted at a possible reunion, though nothing has been announced yet.

Zayn Malik on Instagram

There’s still hope with Zayn posting a video of him singing ‘Night Changes’ onto his Instagram and the boys starting to follow each other again.

The last boy band break-up I want to talk about is the Backstreet Boys. If you were an OG Backstreet Boy fan you would think that they never really broke up but they had just taken a very long hiatus. The band has a history of breaking up and reuniting just in the last decade alone. Their musical careers on the other hand have created a lot of drama with disputes with their management company to have a go at solo careers and drug addiction.

Some may say Backstreet Boys were like Ross and Rachel when they were on that ‘break’ as they are like an off-again-on-again couple that as soon as they get back together, they break up again. But just like Ross and Rachel, we are rooting for them to make it work.

gif via gfycat

The band has made various of comebacks even with an album, world tours, and documentaries. They released their ninth studio album in 2019 and one can only dream that another is on the way soon.

Any type of band has a high chance of it not working out. There are always going to be arguments or dreams of making it solo. We, as fans, can only dream that one day they can make a legendary comeback and it would be like they had never left.

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