Podcast Review: The Music Industry Podcast

In The Music Industry Podcast, hosts Alex and Maddy dive into the marketing world of today’s music industry. From live events and merchandise to social media, branding, and music promotion, Alex and Maddy have covered many topics on their podcast.

I first listened to their episode “Raw vs Professional on Social Media” where the two hosts discussed the marketing of raw content versus professional content from artists, deciding whether the polished look of videos like YouTube performed better than raw videos like those oftentimes found on TikTok. 

Alex and Maddy brought up examples, like Doja Cat and Lil Nas X’s TikTok accounts and how raw and organic their content feels. It’s almost as if you’re scrolling on your for you page (FYP) and have come across a friend’s video. They discussed what works and what doesn’t work in social media today and how the transition from professional content to raw content can be a tough one if not done correctly.

Overall, Alex and Maddy brought up multiple points while discussing this type of marketing and in the end, I have to agree that raw content tends to perform better. Fans love seeing behind the scenes and feeling like they’re able to relate to the artists they love.

Since I was enjoying their podcast, I went ahead and listened in to “Using Creativity And Technology to Engage Your Fans” where Alex and Maddy had on a special guest, Tom Nield, CEO of Landmrk. They’re known for their work with Shakira, Louis Tomlinson, and Bring Me The Horizon. They’ve also worked with the Jonas Brothers, LAUV, and Ariana Grande and have case studies on each of these available, if you’re interested in reading more! Landmrk’s goal is to engage fans away from social media and interact in the world, ensuring a successful release for their artists.

We all know the build-up to a release, whether it’s an album or a tour, can be exciting. With Landmrk they’re giving fans the chance to have an experience that differs from simply clicking a link – they’re creating something memorable for fans.

The formatting of The Music Industry Podcast is easy to follow, it feels like you’re just listening in to a conversation with friends. Even their episode with Tom Nield as a guest just felt like a group of friends asking questions and discussing the topic at hand. The length of the podcast is perfect with episodes ranging from 20 minutes up to an hour so pick the perfect length that you need for a quick drive or a longer one. 

Listen to The Music Industry Podcast on Spotify or Apple Music.

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