Interview with LA Singer-Songwriter LO LA

Picture this: you’re standing outside, on a stage. You’re surrounded by warm lights of cabins and purple stage lights. The barn-like structure that you’re performing in is surrounded by people, all cheering and extending their hands to the stage. Right before the chorus you look over to your best friends, and it feels as if you’re caught in slow motion, soaking up the smiles from the people around you. This floating, magical feeling is what LO LA experienced when she decided that she would pursue a career in music. 

This moment happened towards the end of her high school years; at this point, she was questioning what to do with her life. This moment made it clear that it would be music. She had performed with a live band all through high school and had been writing her own song lyrics since junior year. Falling in love with performing, playing instruments, and recording seemed like fate.

Now, in 2022 LO LA has 25 songs out, including both covers and originals. She is inspired by the Beatles, and their music played a large part in her songwriting development. Rex Orange County and Queen are also part of her influences and have strongly guided her sound. Her latest release, Thunderstorm, takes a bit of a darker turn. It describes the feeling of not being able to get someone out of your head, which results in a Thunderstorm in one’s mind.

The Pinkpantheress-inspired track marks a new more mature sound that furthers LO LA’s anecdotes of heartbreak and love. She reflects on the fact that her sound, much like her life, is ever-evolving. She wants to be versatile in order to genuinely tell her story as it happens, and this track certainly showcases that. The singer mentioned that her past songs, Dirty Clothes and Toxic Love, which are similar in content to Thunderstorm, did well in the past. She is excited to dive into stories with more of an edge to them, and this excitement fueled the creation of Thunderstorm.

The song gives off Tyler the Creator, PinkPantheress, Boy Pablo, Rex Orange County vibes sonically, but lyrically it is reminiscent of Lana Del Ray. However, there is still a Tyler homage in the lyrics which is, “see you when I close my eyes, thunder is my paradise”.  The synth-pop track is a great summer song when you just want to sit back and feel the vibes. The production is rich with glamorous sounds and bling, so it makes for an interesting listen regardless of your mood.

If you’re curious about LO LA’s story we encourage you to connect with her on these platforms!


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