I Went to a Taylor Swift V. Harry Styles Night

words by casey

This past Friday night, April 15th, I had the opportunity to attend Fangirl Fantasy’s Haylor Night in Pittsburgh. If you know anything about me, it’s that I am the biggest Taylor Swift fan. I will take any opportunity to scream along to my favorite songs.

I’m also a huge fan of Harry Styles and his solo music. (duh.)

Fangirl Fantasy is an experience fit for any fan. The show travels from city to city playing exclusively your favorite music. With the talents of J.D (Fangirl Fantasy’s official tour DJ) and the mind of Julie Russel, it’s essentially the best dance club you’ll ever go to.

The venue the event was held was laid out in a restaurant/pub style with a small stage and pit in the back. When you walked in the staff checked your ticket and ID before giving you a wristband for re-entry.

I kicked off the night with SUCH good food while listening to the first few songs being played. Everyone around us was having such a good time, laughing and singing along even before we were all dancing.

Once getting closer to the stage, you could see J.D’s set up with the Fangirl Fantasy banner hung up. Everyone in the pit was SO nice. Usually, general admission spaces can feel claustrophobic, but no one was shoving or pushing anyone else on purpose. It felt like such a safe space to express yourself and experience with your friends.

I had the best time talking and dancing with everyone as well as looking at everyone’s outfits. There were people wearing shirts depicting both Harry and Taylor and “these are my divorced parents” written across the chest. I couldn’t even count how many heart-shaped sunglasses there were (me included).

The highlights of the night included hearing the crowd scream along to the ten-minute version of “All Too Well” and singing “Treat People With Kindness” while disco balls and watermelon beach balls bounced along with the crowd.

They don’t just do Haylor nights! There are 1D vs. 5SOS nights, Olivia Rodrigo nights, 12 years of One Directions Celebrations, and even a Harry’s House Party in Baltimore, MD the day his new album releases. Check out Fangirl Fantasy on Instagram to see if there is a show near you! We highly recommend it.

(see you in Pittsburgh on July 24th 😉 )


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