Music Industry RoundUp – Week of 3/13

Hi! Happy Sunday!

Welcome to the first Music Industry RoundUp – an article highlighting the most important, interesting industry news from the past week, published each Sunday.

TikTok + SoundOn

On Wednesday, TikTok launched its own music promotion and distribution platform in the UK, US, Brazil & Indonesia. The platform is called SoundOn and allows artists to distribute their music directly to TikTok, RESSO, Spotify, Apple Music and Instagram. SoundOn will pay 100% of its royalties to artists for the first year and 90% after that. The goal of the platform is to make it easier for independent artists to get their music on TikTok and directly to their audiences.

You can join SoundOn right now by following this link.

Spotify’s New A&R Technology

Earlier this week, Spotify announced that they have registered a patent for it’s own A&R technology that claims to predict breakout artists. The system works by analyzing patterns from early adopters and predicting which artists are more likely to break into the music scene. This technology will watch the habits of these pre-determined early adopters to see which new artists they are streaming. Spotify released that users of the streaming platform “need not have any knowledge they are an early adopter.” This essentially means Spotify will track listening habits of users to determine who is becoming popular and thus begin pushing their music to other listeners. This type of technology has the opportunity to open up different marketing strategies for artists, recording and development deals directly through Spotify, and transforming the platform to be a source for finding new talent.

Specific number of streams and followers are unknown to the public right now and are said to vary from artist to artist. 

Glass Animals via Billboard

Glass Animals at No. 1

Just this week, Glass Animal’s song “Heat Waves” reached number one on the billboard top 100. The song was originally released in 2020 and spent 59 weeks on the Billboard charts.

If you frequently check the Billboard Charts, you would notice that many singles aren’t debuting extremely high and staying at the top. They slowly climb the ladder months after the initial release. Unless of course you are one of the biggest names in Pop music today. (Take Olivia Rodrigo’s “Driver’s License” for example.)

This seems to be a trend for the popular single, debuting on the charts a year ago and slowly progressing to number one. There was no major jump in numbers aside from in September 2021 when the song began picking up more airtime and was trending on TikTok. It slowly climbed the charts, going from number 2 to number 1 in just a week, knocking Encanto’s “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” off the top.

And Finally, if you haven’t heard, Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are now instagram official. 

Via @kimkardashian on Instagram

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