Getting to Know Foxglove: An Interview with Foxglove The Band

Interview conducted by Emilie Corbo

Foxglove is a three-piece Alternative Rock band from Southern California. Composed of members Tristen, Alex and Jayden, Foxglove continues to put their own spin on the music scene with their genre-bending discography. Most recently, Foxglove has released their project “Inflections”, but fans can look forward to lots of new music from the group, as they continue to hit the studio and create sonic masterpieces.

Hey everyone, my name is Emilie from Fangirls: World Tour, and I am here today with Foxglove AKA, Alex, Tristen and Jayden. Hello Foxglove!

Alex: Hello, hello, hello

Tristen: Hello!

Jayden: Thank you for having us!

How are you all today?

Jayden: We’re good!

Tristen: We’re doing pretty good

Alex: Good, we’re having some practice.

How do you guys feel about getting the chance to play live shows?

Jayden: Yeah, we love playing shows a lot! We’ve definitely been trying to play more shows now that we have an EP out, but we’re starting to slow down a little bit. Since the new year is coming, we’re working on other stuff and just starting to focus on that more so than playing shows.

Tristen: It’s always been my dream to go on big tours. I’ve wanted to tour the world with music and play live shows all around the globe, so playing shows is definitely a huge part of why I’m in a band personally.

Alex: Yeah, I mean it’s definitely most gratifying playing live shows because you play music and people come up to you and they’ll say “oh, you guys were awesome” and all that kind of stuff. I live for that. It’s a different sort of satisfaction from putting out recorded music. Both [writing and playing music] are amazing, but yeah… playing live shows is an adrenaline rush for sure.

Changing topics a little bit, I would love to hear about your songwriting process.

Alex: It could vary. Sometimes Jayden will bring a full song to the group, he’ll bring a guitar lick to the group, I’ll bring a full song, I’ll bring a full guitar lick, and then we’ll build off that. There are other times when we’re just in the studio and one of us plays something and we’ll just build off that. You know, it doesn’t really have a routine to it. We kind of just write music, bring it to the table and then build off each other.

Jayden: Yeah, there really is no formula. It seems that every song we write comes from a different perspective. I’ve brought a full piano piece before and we’ve made a song out of that, or I’ll bring a tiny little guitar piece and Alex will take it and run with it and he writes the whole song. There really is no formula, it really is whatever is natural. Especially because we’re all multi-instrumental.

Tristen: I’d say the only thing that is the common factor is when we start getting pieces, we all jam it out and play together until we get used to it and start developing it that way.

Alex: I think it’s been very easy too because we’re all very open to playing different genres now and we’re trying to expand our musicality. We aren’t trying to dig a hole for ourselves and become one specific genre.

You said that you’re all multi-instrumentalists. What do you all play?

Jayden: I’ll go first! I play guitar, bass, keys, drums and I produce. Those are kind of my things

Tristen: I can play drums, guitar, bass and sing

Alex: Contrary to what people might have seen on TikTok about my drumming [laughing]… That video was kind of a joke because I was playing metal drums with the traditional grip… I can play somewhat OK drums! I can play bass, I can play guitar, I sing, I can play the piano. I can play a bunch of different wind ensemble instruments because I went to school for wind ensemble. I was a French Horn player, and I played trumpet, bassoon, trombone. Primarily, I just love playing guitar and singing.

Tristen: I think that we all have our primary instruments but we all like to learn different instruments as well, so we all branch out and learn different instruments.

Who are the artists that you find formed your music taste?

Alex: Definitely. For me, when I was a bit younger, I listened to a lot of Blink-182 and New Found Glory. Just… kind of that Pop-Punk sort of thing. As I got a little older, I started listening to more metal like Slipknot and Korn. Toward the end of high school, I started listening to a lot of Led Zeppelin and classic rock. That was when I started learning to play guitar – when I was 17 and 18, and those bands specifically influenced me to play guitar. The biggest band that has influenced my songwriting, in particular, has been The 1975. Their sound is so cohesive and amazing. It’s not necessarily super complicated in the music writing, but the composition and the production is just amazing. They’ve probably been my biggest influence for the past few years. 

Tristen: I grew up with a lot of 90s music from my Dad. Foo Fighters, Audioslave, Nirvana, Soundgardern. That’s always had a really special place in my heart, so I feel like I really draw a lot of my musical inspiration from that era. As I grew up, I developed a little bit more of my own taste, doing a little bit of Blues Rock and guitar-based music too. John Mayer is actually one of my favourites nowadays. Watching a lot of concerts from when I was younger really inspired me. One of the first big concerts I saw when I was younger actually, with Jayden was a Foo Fighters concert. The way that they played and interacted with their audience was one of the biggest reasons why I wanted to start a band. When we first started playing together, we wanted to learn how to play every Foo Fighters song off this one record. We got a few of them down!

Jayden: Yeah. When I was growing up, it was all 90s rock from my dad. When I got older, I started to pivot toward jazz and funk. We all joke about this because we all have this common theme of the 80s to early 2000s rock that we all love, but they all sprouted in totally different directions. It definitely impacts how we write songs.

Alex: But that’s what’s so cool. We’re all influenced differently, but we all work together as a cohesive group. We like to have our own sound, but at the same time, it’s malleable. It’s not one set thing. It’s ever-changing.

What’s your take on When We Were Young Fest?

Alex: Where’s New Found Glory?! That’s my question.

Jayden: My favourite pop-punk band Paramore is there so… I think it’s very interesting though, very cool! I know everyone is absolutely freaking out about it.

Tristen: There’s a lot of cool bands on there! When We Were Young is definitely an apt name for it.

If you could open for any artist, who would it be?

Jayden: I feel like my answer would be The 1975. I feel like it would just be a dream to be able to open for them. I also feel like their fans would be receptive to our music because we are very eclectic in our songwriting.

Tristen: I mean, I would still love to open for The Foo Fighters. I just saw them recently and they had a three-piece open for them. I was thinking, hey… that could be us! We all listen to this band called Catfish and the Bottlemen.

Alex: I mean he [Jayden] already stole my answer. The 1975 would be an absolute dream to meet and to open for. They’re [George and Matty] some of my biggest influences in music. Oh, also The Strokes. I love The Strokes.

What does a day in your lives look like when you’re not making music, you’re just hanging out?

Jayden: Very chaotic. Extremely chaotic. We’re all best friends, and we love to hang out. We love to go out together and party and hang out its a lot.

Alex: We see each other two times a week, which is a lot since we all work and are busy. Inside and outside of the band context, we are so comfortable around each other and it’s always a good time. There are really no boundaries. We’re all just crazy and having a good time without judgement. We’re not worried about anything like that when we’re together.

How has your band’s dynamic changed since you started working with your manager Stacey?

Tristen: We really love specifically her passion for everything. She is a really driven person, so when she sets her mind to anything, she gets it done. Her being passionate about our band is a huge compliment because she doesn’t waste her time on things that she doesn’t think will pan out. Since meeting Stacey, we’ve got a lot more focused on social media. We are not a lot more mindful about how monumental social media is. She’s helped us so much with our TikTok following. We didn’t even have a TikTok before. It’s really nice to see all these people who like our band, like our music and like our personality. 

Jayden: She’s really cleared a lot of the fog. Before Stacey, we really only knew about the music and about playing shows. She’s really helped us find our way in terms of social media, marketing, and finding a set path and direction. She really knew how to put us on a path. She was able to say to us: “Okay. You guys are talented, but here’s what you need to do.” She’s great at highlighting our strengths and making sure we’re aware of our weaknesses. It all comes from a place of love.

Alex: I think she’s also helped each of us out with our confidence both on stage and in our songwriting. We’re trying to focus now on putting on more of a show for our audiences so they remember us. I think really, she’s done everything for us and generally just made us a better band. We’re so thankful for it.

Where do you see yourselves this time next year?

Alex: I think a big goal for us this year is to put out a second EP. We’re writing music right now, having a really great time experimenting and putting things down on paper. I know we’re going to be having a new single coming out in two months or so and it’s going to be something that we’ve never put out before. I think it really shows that we’re experimenting again. I think the biggest thing for me is to maybe play a major venue [like the Observatory] and put out an EP.

Tristen: Just to explain, the Observatory is a very popular venue near us where both big and small bands play. We’ve been to a lot of shows there. Even before we started picking up traction as a band, I knew “I want to play there.” So, it’s totally feasible for us and would be absolutely amazing. That would definitely be a huge goal.

Jayden: I feel like this year for us is all about setting things in motion. Last year was all about finding our voice, transitioning into our new style and getting back on track. Growing a fanbase, putting out music and really getting the ball rolling so that 2023 comes around we’ll be going full-steam ahead.

Alex: Yeah, having more songs and more diversity will help us when it comes to playing shows. When we play live shows, we obviously only have a specific amount of songs, so we try to make them different each time to make every show entertaining for the people who come see us multiple times and it helps us to still be super excited about everything we’re playing.

Is there anything you want to plug?

Jayden: Just keep your eyes peeled for a new single… A new EP…

Tristen: We have a funny little would you rather video on our YouTube, go check that out!

Alex: We’re going to have a lot more stuff like that video out soon too. Just funny stuff. Silly stuff. More content about our personalities. We really want to showcase our personalities and our music

Jayden: TikTok, Instagram, YouTube.. We’re everywhere! Go check us out.

Thank you Foxglove!

All: Thank you!


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