Hitting the Road with Tomorrow and Tonight: An Interview with Abby Cawthon

interview with Abby Cawthon conducted and written by Emilie Corbo

Have you ever dreamed of going on tour with your favorite artist? With Tomorrow and Tonight, the brand new Fan Tour Bus, you can make those dreams a reality. Tomorrow and Tonight provides fans with a luxury tour bus experience and allows them to join their favorites on tour. Equip with snacks, artist-themed photo op spaces and plenty of room to sleep; it might just be time for you to start saving up to get in on the fun.

 Join Fangirls: World Tour as we interview Tomorrow and Tonight founder Abby Cawthon to learn a little more about this brand new initiative that brings the concept of Fangirls: World Tour to life.

Tomorrow & Tonight Logo

Hello everyone, my name is Emilie, and I’m here with Fangirls: World Tour talking to Abby Cawthon about her brand new company, Tomorrow and Tonight. Welcome, Abby!

Hi, I’m super happy to be here! Thank you so much for having me.

We’re glad to have you. Let’s get right into it! So, what gave you the idea to start this company?

Basically, I wanted to follow Sad Summer Fest [music festival featuring various artists] on tour, and I thought, “Hey, people follow tours all the time, so if they can do that… I can do that.” Then Covid hit, and I could not do that. On top of that, my friend who I was planning on going with; her music taste changed, and it became an issue of “okay, now I don’t have anyone to go with.” It then turned into me thinking, “okay, how can I do this anyway? Because this is something that I want to do.” 

I thought that if I organized something, I could get other people to do it with me, but I couldn’t really afford that. Basically, long story short, me wanting to follow tours turned into “if i’m going to do it, everyone else is going to do it with me… so let’s make it a whole business.”

I know that you are a fan yourself, so how have you incorporated that into your company? What are some unique features that fans can expect to see on the bus and in the Tomorrow and Tonight package?

Oh, 100%, I want to make it very inclusive. I want the people coming on the bus to be the people who this is the highlight of their year. Outside of that, eventually, we are going to try to partner with various people including fan clubs, so our package could include a VIP experience with the band. Right now, the budget is a little tight because I’m starting the company from scratch but that’s a long-term goal to make it the ultimate fan experience. Regardless, you will be living like your favourite artist. You will be living life like a rockstar on the tour bus, doing everything the artist would do.

We will be offering line services, so if you are someone who camps out in line, our tour manager will go out, check you in from the line, and collect or provide you with your camping gear. We will also offer extra storage for camping gear and laundry services if your belongings get wet or dirty in line. We also have food services, so breakfast will be cooked on board, and dinner will be catered after the show.

Other fan experiences include line queues being held. On top of our tour manager gathering your gear, our tour manager can hold your spot if you need it. We can also bring you food in line. If you’re going to a show by yourself, you really aren’t. You’re going with us. Anything that you want while you’re in line, at the show; you’ve got it. We’re there for you 100% of the time.

I see that you are currently planning to follow Twenty One Pilots. Do you have any others that you intend to follow?

I would love to follow The Maine. We are definitely doing Twenty One Pilots, but we have had people fill out our form requesting Justin Bieber, The Jonas Brothers and Waterparks. If anyone is interested in any artists, feel free to fill out the form on our website! 

Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots via Tomorrow & Tonight’s Website // @denisebiancaa

So if a fan has a specific tour that they’re interested in following, they can go to your website to fill out a form?

Yeah, so basically, the form is at the bottom of the homepage on our website. Some people will request specific tours, and others will just leave artists. If someone requests an artist, I will turn on post notifications for the artist and will keep my eye out from there. We will also provide early-bird discounts for the first two weeks after announcing that we are following a specific tour.

How many people can stay on the bus? Can they pick and choose dates, or do they need to follow the entire tour?

Yeah, so you book it by the night. I would be very impressed if someone could find the time to follow the entire tour! You can definitely do it one or two nights a time! To answer your other question, the bus officially sleeps 13 people, but we will have a staff member on board for everyone’s safety. The staff member will be trained in CPR, EDI, conflict de-escalation, and so much more. So really, the bus has room for 12 fans to join.

Do you have any advice for young entrepreneurs who may want to follow in your footsteps?

Do not be afraid to ask questions! Go to your mentors, go to your professors, your teachers, and your connections. When I came up with this idea I went to my college’s career center,  I’ve even had someone reach out to me on my website to ask about an internship, and I let her know that I will keep her in mind! So, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Put your name out there; you never know where it will get you! That would be my big advice.

Thank you so much for talking to us today! Do you have anything you’d like to share with the readers here at Fangirls: World Tour?

Follow our Twitter @TomorrAndTonigt. That’s my main communication source! If you want to follow me on Instagram, it’s @abbydcawthon and keep an eye out on our website! That is 100% my biggest plug. Keep an eye out on our website!

Great! Thank you so much again.

Thank you so much for having me; I had a great time!

**This article includes minor written adjustments from the video interview for the purpose of grammar and clarity.  All adjustments have been fully approved by the FWT interviewee and do not skew the perception of the article.**

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