The FWT Guide to Curing Holiday Burnout

words by Ava

Curing holiday burnout can vary from person to person.

You’re probably wondering what is holiday burnout anyway? Holiday burnout is the added stress of preparation and celebration of the holiday season.

The best way to escape feeling burnt out is to step back and distract yourself. For myself, I know that listening to music helps me get my mind off of things even for just a little while. This can help me put myself into focusing on the lyrics and not on why I am stressed. Some artists who I have found helpful especially during the holidays are pianists! It may not be everyone’s forte but it does help calm me down most of the time. Playing an instrumental version of your favorite Christmas song can help distract you by making you think about what the words would be.

A second way I cure holiday burnout is by talking about my feelings. Explaining what you’re feeling and why you feel to someone else can help you get other coping mechanisms or even just allow you to let it off your chest. Talking doesn’t always work so I try my best to pair it with other things! 

Another way to cure holiday burnout is to just walk away. Some people find themselves overworked while with family all in one house. Stepping away and finding your calm whether that is with a dog or even just on your phone for a few moments can help de-stress.

I interviewed upcoming singer/songwriter Gigi Grombacher about how she copes. She explained that her mental health is a daily struggle and keeping up with journaling helps. Gigi writes about three pages a day, normally in the morning, to get her feelings out of her head and onto paper somewhere she can look back on. She also said “ when [she] works out [she] feels much better.”

“Just try to take everythig day by day”

– Gigi Grombacher

By taking things day by day and trying not to stress over the days to come, can help you get a grip on what is happening and what you should be doing. Another tip she gave was to make sure just to monitor how you are feeling.

Remember, it is completely okay to not be okay. Holiday burnout is super common and can happen to just about anyone. Be nice to yourself this holiday season and remember to give yourself time to relax and unwind.


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