How Fangirls Run the Music Industry

words by Jayda Jasmine


Despite being an expert on trends in the music industry and borderline A&Rs at 14 years old, young women are belittled and their taste simplified. A relevant example of this is the BTS Army. BTS is the hottest act in the world at the moment thanks to their “extremely dedicated fan base called the “ARMY” who stream the band’s songs like clockwork and spend large amounts of time and money fueling their love for the band”. Members of ARMY “have bought billboards, planted trees, and have been very active on social media. Without fans, artist teams wouldn’t have the funding that comes from record, merch, and ticket sales”. Young women are often painted to be immature and naive. As if they’re being tricked into spending money to support an act they enjoy. However, this notion is far from what’s happening. As an ARMY I’ve seen other ARMYs coordinate on Twitter to start campaigns to buy merch and albums. We rest easy because we know that our disposable income is going towards a good-hearted band who stands for something bigger than all of us. We are not spending money senselessly, but rather voting on who we want to succeed. With ARMY fan engagement setting a new level of superstardom, BTS has been the envy of many. Perhaps fangirls will be taken more seriously in the next decades to come due to their outstanding engagement. 

In this article, the author makes an excellent point when they state that fangirls “are essential to shaping the taste of the world around them”. That’s what fangirls ultimately are, global tastemakers. These global tastemakers are becoming much more important, especially in the music industry. Music is no longer the product, the experience of music is. This means things like music videos, festivals, live appearances, and fandom presence are also becoming increasingly more important. Fangirls, who have long carried the commercial music industry, have valued engagement and experience. Research has also shown that “not only are more young people turning to music creation as a common activity, but women are doing this more so than the men”. In the new participation phase of the music industry, there is hope for young women to get the respect they deserve for their expertise. 


2 thoughts on “How Fangirls Run the Music Industry

  1. Casey, Your blog is extremely well done! As a former teacher or yours I was thrilled to see the excellence and marurity in this site. And as a friend I am excited to see your passion expressed so eloquently!

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  2. Definitely some good points made here! As a fan of Owl City for over 10 years I can testify to the fact that fangirls make the world go round; in fact, Hoot Owls are the only people who still seem to care about my Favorite Artist In the History of the Universe 🥲 But I’ve also found out about some new songs because of fellow fan-people! Fangirls forever 💖


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